Press Release Results

HellermannTyton Adds Flex to Adhesive Cable Tie Mounts
June 28, 2018

FlexTack cable tie mounts will conform to curved and angled surfaces.

MILWAUKEE – HellermannTyton announces FlexTack, a new line of adhesive cable tie mounts designed to adhere to curved and moderately angled surfaces. Available immediately, the product enables installers to route wires, cables and hoses along areas that were once considered off limits.

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HellermannTyton Proud of Consistent Adherence to ISO 14001 Standards
May 31, 2018

Company passes another audit with 100 percent compliance.

MILWAUKEE – HellermannTyton has been certified to have “no nonconformities” in a third-party audit of its adherence to ISO 14001:2015, the current international standard for an effective environmental management system (EMS). The plastics manufacturer has maintained certification to ISO 14001 for 16 years.

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HellermannTyton Announces First-Of-Its-Kind “Wedge Clip”
October 10, 2017

New clip attaches quickly to beams and rails without drilling.

MILWAUKEE – HellermannTyton has developed a heavy-duty nylon edge clip designed to route cables along frames or rails in vertical or horizontal applications.

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HellermannTyton Ultra Conduit Fittings Deliver Ultimate Integrity, Convenience
September 19, 2017

Nonmetallic, one-piece conduit fittings eliminate need for multiple parts.

– HellermannTyton announces an extension to its HelaGuard family of conduit and fittings. HelaGuard Ultra™ Fittings are a line of nonmetallic conduit fittings designed to deliver the highest system integrity in the industry.

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HellermannTyton Announces Recyclable Wiring Duct
August 2, 2017

How one change will lessen the load on landfills.

MILWAUKEE – HellermannTyton’s entire line of wiring duct is certified by its PVC material manufacturer to be recyclable. The duct was approved to bear the code “3” (PVC) recycling stamp in January 2017 and has been in the field five months.

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HellermannTyton’s Push-In Wire Connector Now 40% Smaller
Thomas & Betts Corporation
August 31, 2017

“HelaCon Plus Mini” makes efficient use of space in electrical boxes.

MILWAUKEE – HellermannTyton announces a significant, space-saving modification to its line of HelaCon Plus push-in wire connectors, now called HelaCon Plus Mini. This type of connector speeds the process of connecting electrical wires, which has traditionally been managed with twist-on wire connectors.

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