Hubbell Control Solutions Enhances wiSCAPE™ with New Features and Functions

<b>Greenville, SC – July 10, 2018</b> – <a href="">Hubbell Control Solutions</a>, the lighting controls subsidiary of <a href="">Hubbell Lighting</a>, announced it has reinvigorated <a href="">wiSCAPE™</a>,
 its wireless outdoor lighting control system, with new enhancements, 
features and functionality while providing faster return on investment.

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Greenville, SC – July 10, 2018Hubbell Control Solutions, the lighting controls subsidiary of Hubbell Lighting, announced it has reinvigorated wiSCAPE™, its wireless outdoor lighting control system, with new enhancements, features and functionality while providing faster return on investment.

Designed to provide a safe environment while improving operational efficiencies that ensure code compliance and maximize energy savings, wiSCAPE is a comprehensive, enterprise-level lighting management platform for parking, campus and city-wide site lighting applications. It was recently added to the DesignLights Consortium® (“DLC”) Qualified Products List (“QPL”) in the category of Networked Lighting Control (“NLC”) systems, increasing the eligibility for local utility rebates.

Originally launched in 2014, wiSCAPE has provided facility owners and operators with wireless lighting control for code compliance and energy savings capabilities. Hubbell Control Solutions gathered insights from the experiences and preferences of customers while completing various projects.

Using data from the lighting system facility, owners and operators can now manage, monitor and measure the system to address the greater focus on safety and operational savings, beyond just the initial LED and controls installation. wiSCAPE provides actionable intelligence from the wiSCAPE Express™ and wiSCAPE Enterprise™ software. For example, notifications and reports are sent when the unexpected occurs, such as “lights out” or “dayburners.” These tools, in addition to comprehensive energy reports, functional map views and extensive configuration settings, allow managers to correct any unsafe lighting condition quickly and accurately.

wiSCAPE™ can be scaled based on the size of the application, capable of having few to thousands of nodes in the scope of control. The wiSCAPE “G3” Gateway, the core hardware of the system, has been completely re-designed to meet the needs of both smaller and larger site lighting projects. These Gateways feature the optional ability to run the BACnet® IP protocol, connecting 3rd party Building Management Systems (BMS) to wiSCAPE for additional monitoring and reporting capabilities.

Featuring two distinct software packages, wiSCAPE Express has comprehensive management and configuration tools, while wiSCAPE Enterprise is the choice for advanced monitoring of single and multi-site operations. Together with wiSCAPE control modules, available in a wide selection of Hubbell Lighting luminaires, this combination of enhancements makes wiSCAPE an effective lighting control system with a focus on safety for all facility types.

Other new, key capabilities for the wiSCAPE wireless outdoor lighting control system include:

  • Longer distance communication while maintaining wireless security and integrity.
  • Faster management and configuration using pre-defined, code-compliant settings, especially for the built-in light sensing on the external modules.
  • Advanced color mixing using specialty modules for control of up to four LED color combinations, including warm/cool ambient lighting or red/green/blue/white (RGBW) special effect lighting.
  • Specialty modules for control of emerging technologies, such as management and monitoring of low voltage solar (photovoltaic) and battery powered lighting and other devices.
  • Better power-handling for high-output LED luminaires.

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