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MS4X Manual Motor Starters in Type 4X Enclosure

The new Powerswitch™ MS4X Series of enclosed motor starter disconnect rated switches are the ideal choice for process environments with particulate laden air, in areas requiring frequent water wash downs or in outdoor exposure. Leviton's Powerswitch MS4X devices also comply with NEC® Article 430's requirement.
Powerswitch® Safety Disconnect Switches

Leviton expands the PowerSwitch™ safety disconnect switch line to include the new Enclosed Disconnect Switch with Receptacle. The EDSR-23 combines a 30 Amp, 600 Volt AC safety disconnect switch and NEMA locking receptacle in one enclosure, making for faster installation, and longer device life. Choose EDSR-23 for powering portable cord connected equipment.
30 Amp Safety Disconnect Switch

The compact 30 Amp, 600V AC non-fused Safety Disconnect Switch is the newest member of the PowerSwitch™ by Leviton line of industrial grade switches. Ideal for tight spaces, it makes bringing safety to small processing equipment lines easier. Features include: watertight and dust-tight Valox® PBT Thermoplastic.
Mersen Launches Global Line of Premium Compact Low-Voltage Disconnect Switches

Mersen’s comprehensive new line of low-voltage disconnect switches is globally available, with a full line of accessories to accommodate virtually any application. The broadest range in the industry. Encompasses UL508, UL98, and IEC standard products for AC and DC applications.
New Mersen PV-Rated UL 98 and IEC DC Disconnect Switches

Mersen’s new DC disconnect switches are especially designed for PV applications. Quick, safe, and reliable DC breaking power at all current levels up to 1000VDC. Compact footprint. Direct installation for floating polarity configuration. Jumper bar available for grounded configuration.
The Ultimate in Clean

Is sanitation a concern for your processing areas? Try the MENNEKES® SPEC Grade NEMA 4X Stainless Enclosures. Choose Motor Disconnect Switches, Pre-drilled Pushbutton Enclosures, or Blank Junction Boxes. All units feature a 15° sloped roof which facilitates runoff of liquids and cleaning residue to minimize risk of contaminant harborage.

The food-service and chemical industries subject their equipment to extreme conditions, from high-pressure steam and water wash-downs to hydrogen-sulfide and other corrosive atmospheres. Mersen’s newest non-fused Enclosed Disconnect Switch for NEMA 4X corrosive environments, the EBFS403RS0-H, meets the demands of these applications.
RONK New Unfused Disconnect Switches Offer Solid Performance and Meet NEC Codes for Disconnects

Ronk’s light weight 3R aluminum construction 100-400A 240V, 1P or 3P, disconnect has standard installed neutral bar with an industry unique design load break contact  mechanism no fail due to fouling. A member of the growing Meter-Rite Switch Line.
SPEC Grade Sloped-Top Motor Disconnects

The SPEC Grade Series of motor disconnects are offered in 3 sizes of NEMA 4X stainless steel enclosures. Units feature a 15° sloped roof for the ultimate clean installation. Switches are rated 25A-100A from 5HP to 50HP with built in early break auxiliary contacts for VFD and starter interface. Padlockable handles comply with OSHA LO/TO requirements.
Mersen's New Select-A-Switch

With Mersen's Select-A-Switch® Online tool, you can quickly and accurately choose the right disconnect switch for your application. You can easily review Mersen's product data specifications by clicking on the catalog link, which will provide you with the most up-to-date technical information. Best of all, it's free!
Blackburn KUBE® Motor Lead Disconnects

Thomas & Betts’ Blackburn KUBE® Motor Lead Disconnects provide fast connections in changing out electric motors, without cutting through insulating tape and unbolting conventional lugs. To install, crimp the male and female disconnects onto the cables, plug them together, slide on the insulating boot and secure it in place with two Ty-Rap® cable ties (supplied).
Hubbell Wiring Device-Kellems New Line of Hazardous Location Disconnects and Mechanical Interlocks

The new offering will enhance Hubbell Wiring Device-Kellems broad solution set of non-fused motor switches and interlocks. Both lines are suitable for Class I, II and III applications as well as NEMA 4X environments.
SLK™ Disconnect Fuse Kits

The IDEAL SLK™ Disconnect Fuse Kit is a waterproof breakaway safety device that de-energizes roadway lights, streetlights, parking lot lights, and other freestanding electrical fixtures in the event of a knockdown, or when the fixtures need maintenance. This helps protect first responders, bystanders, and service personnel from potentially life-threatening electrical shock hazards.
IDEAL INDUSTRIES Introduces SLK™ Disconnect Fuse Kits

The IDEAL SLK™ Disconnect Fuse Kit is a waterproof breakaway safety device that de-energizes roadway lights, streetlights, parking lot lights, and other freestanding electrical fixtures in the event of a knockdown, or when the fixtures need maintenance. This helps protect first responders, bystanders, and service personnel from potentially life-threatening electrical shock hazards.
SPEC Grade Disconnects

MENNEKES® announces the NEW SPEC Grade Series of Motor Disconnects. Units are housed in sloped-top stainless enclosures for the ultimate clean installation. Choose from 3 sizes of NEMA 4X enclosures with switches rated 25A-100A. Padlockable handles comply with OSHA LO/TO.
To learn more call (800) 882-8110 or visit
GE’s EverGold™ Solar Disconnects

Flexible and efficient - 4-pole and 1-pole construction, they are suitable for commercial negative-ground PV systems. The junction box option with the 4-pole disconnect minimizes components. The factory-installed negative lug eliminates the need for a secondary splice box used for negative connections, reducing the BOS components by up to 33% delivering savings in time and materials.

MENNEKES manufactures a broad range of Motor Disconnect Switches ideally suited for Variable Frequency Drives (VFD’s) often used in conveyor-based manufacturing. Built-in auxiliary contacts provide true early break action to the VFD before line contacts are open, preventing switch damage. To learn more call 1-800-882-8110 or visit
Mersen Disconnect Switches

Mersen offers a complete selection of fused and non-fused load break disconnect switches for all your applications. From enclosed switches, changeover switches, and the surge switch, to UL 98 switches and the UL 508 FSLBS switches, Mersen Disconnect Switches are designed to meet customers’ requirements for compact and durable individual disconnecting means.
Hubbell Wiring Systems Announces a New Improved CIRCUIT-LOCK Motor Disconnect Switch

Designed to enable safe, reliable switch operation when used with Variable Frequency Drives (VFDs) found in today’s conveyor manufacturing environments. “We are excited to offer this new disconnect switch that improves safety when used with variable frequency drives,” says Brooks Challenger, Hubbell Senior Project Manager.
Siemens VBII Solar Disconnects

Siemens is first to market with a UL listed disconnect switch for use with three, separate 600V DC circuits on negative ground photovoltaic systems. We are pleased to announce that Photovoltaic Disconnect Switches in 30-100A ratings are now released for sale.

One AMAXX enclosure replaces multiple installations and is designed for locking devices, convenience outlets, pin and sleeve receptacles, and disconnect switches. Offered in five sizes, AMAXX enclosures provide configurable flexibility saving you labor, material and space. With AMAXX, customize quickly, safely and easily.
Call 1-800-882-8110 or visit us online
Introducing Type VBII 600VDC Enclosed Photovoltaic Disconnect Switches

The first UL Listed line of disconnect switches specifically designed for use with three separate 600VDC circuits. One VBII disconnect performs the function of three competitive switches. These switches are designed for use in negative ground 600VDC max. photovoltaic systems which must comply with Article 690 of the NEC.
SPA 260b SPA Disconnect Panel from Connecticut Electric Inc.

For All Hot Tubs Systems Rated up to 60 Amps at 240VAC. 60 Amp Circuit is Protected by GFCI for Protection in Wet Locations!
  • Protects Any Load up to 60 Amps (240V)
  • Factory-Installed 15 Amp Circuit Breaker for Easy Branch Circuit Wiring
  • Rainproof, Side Opening, Drop-Down Door for Easy Breaker Access.
Mersen's FSLBS Load Break Switch

Mersen's UL 508-listed FSLBS industrial-grade load break switch provides panel builders and OEMs increased versatility and savings in making or breaking loads up to 600V and is suitable as a motor disconnect for up to 40HP. Advantages include box terminals rated for two wires, front and side operation, modular construction, and a lower price.
When the Job is Done With PowerPlug, the Job is Done Right

The IDEAL PowerPlug™ is the #1 luminaire disconnect in the industry. IDEAL’s complete line of luminaire disconnects offers the broadest range of any brand, designed for new installations, retrofitting, switching and dimming. The simple two-piece device allows you to replace ballasts quickly, easily and safely.
When it Comes to the Code Change, We’ll Get You Plugged In

The IDEAL PowerPlug™ is the first push-in luminaire disconnect that fully meets the new National Electrical Code 410.130(G) for non-residential, fluorescent fixtures with ballasts. Perfect for OEM or retrofit lighting applications, the simple two-piece device allows you to replace ballasts quickly, easily and safely.
Hubbell is Pleased to Announce Its “Three Auxiliary Contact” 30 Amp Unfused Disconnect Switch

New “Three Auxiliary Contact” 30 Amp Unfused Disconnect Switch is the latest addition to the Circuit-Lock® family of switched enclosures. It provides maximum flexibility for control circuit and signal applications including switching for PLCs and electronic drive systems. Auxiliary contacts are factory installed and ready for wiring.
Hubbell 20A Unfused Pin & Sleeve Mechanical Interlocks

The 20A Mechanical Interlocks incorporate a disconnect switch/manual motor controller and receptacle in one compact unit and meet National Electrical Code R requirements for a separate disconnect means within sight of motor loads. For additional details see please see the data sheet available on the Hubbell website.
Hubbell Wiring Device Introduces MotorQuick

MotorQuick™ is a new and innovative product offering that enables faster installation and replacement of motors. Utilizing the plug-and-play technology of LINKOSITY™ power system components and the versatility of Circuit-Lock™ motor disconnect switches, Hubbell has designed a product line that drastically reduces motor replacement time. It is now possible to pre-wire motors when it’s convenient, not critical.
‘Circuit-Lock’ Selection Guide Illustrates New Combination Motor Controllers and Disconnects

A 4-color, 12-page selection guide illustrates the new Circuit-Lock® combination manual motor controllers and disconnects from Hubbell Wiring Device-Kellems. The Circuit-Lock combination offers customers the convenience of a controller with the safety of a disconnect in one switch, eliminating confusion about what, where and how each is being used.
Hubbell Wiring Device-Kellems UL listed Motor Controller “Suitable as Disconnect”

Hubbell’s innovative Circuit-Lock? combination motor controller/disconnect offers the convenience of a controller and the safety of a disconnect in one switch.  Offered as an open switch and also in a variety of compact NEMA enclosures, Hubbell has the right product to meet all of your NEC requirements.
Cooper Bussmann Power Module

Takes the confusion and headaches out of designing and building disconnect capabilities into an elevator power system. Ever worry about meeting NEC®, ANSI A17.1 or NFPA 72? Well, look no further. In one easy-to-install package, you get a solution for these codes as well as end-user requirements.
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