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Siemens Solar Ready Meter Combo

The Siemens Solar Ready Meter Combo provides you a multitude of options and benefits. A wide variety of meter socket configurations are available.

Features include:
- 60 amp maximum input
- Dedicated alternative energy input
- Power feeds ahead of service disconnect on load side of meter socket
- Eliminates need to de-rate main breaker/bussing
Siemens Generator Ready Load Center

Siemens Generator Ready Load Center, while being a minimal expense over standard load centers, can save the homeowner thousands of dollars in future generator installation expense. In this installment of Siemens Volt Stream video series we’ll examine the unique features and benefits of the Gen Ready load center and other Standby Power offerings from Siemens.
Siemens Arc Fault Combo and Dual Function AFCI/GFCI circuit breaker

The Arc Fault Combination circuit breaker is intended to mitigate the effects of arcing by detecting line-to-neutral, line-to-ground, and series arcing in single and two pole style. The Dual Function Circuit Breaker protects against both Arc and Ground Faults. With the new Self-Test & Lockout feature, it makes it the first in class in electrical safety for homeowners.
Power Mod QuickSystem

Power Mod™ with QuickSystem™ - a new robust and feature-rich line of modular metering designed with the contractor in mind. Power Mod features a unique combination of labor saving features to aid the contractor while installing the product. The five key QuickSystem features were specifically engineered to decrease installation time.
New Dual Function Circuit Breaker GFCI/AFCI

The Dual Function Circuit Breaker combines GFCI and AFCI technology, protecting against both Arc and Ground Faults, providing value in cost and labor savings. Self Test & Lockout feature make it the first in class in electrical safety for homeowners. The 2014 NEC requires both Arc and Ground Fault protection on kitchen and laundry circuits.
Load Center for 500 KcMil Wiring

Siemens proudly introduces the S3040L1200L50 load center. Siemens S3040L1200L50 is the only load center on the market that accommodate 500 kcmils wiring. California now enforces a 2% maximum voltage drop for feeder cable. As CA and others lower max voltage drop requirements, Siemens S3040L1200L50 offers the solution for applications requiring 500 kcmil wiring.
Siemens Quick P1 Panelboard Enhancement

A new enhancement for the Siemens quotation tool, COMPAS, allows users to quickly create a simple P1 panelboard.  This means that the panelboard can be quoted and priced faster than ever. On average the Quick P1 configuration can be completed in less than a minute! This enhancement will save you and your customer’s TIME.

Siemens offers Standby Generators that permanently attach to your home or business and automatically switch to generator power when the utility power is lost, when paired with an automatic transfer switch (ATS). The choices are between 8–22kW single phase air cooled generators, and 25-150kW single and three phase liquid cooled generators. ATS options range from 50 – 800 amps with and without service disconnects.
Siemens Embedded Micro Metering Module (SEM3™)

SEM3™ is a modular metering solution for energy monitoring, data analysis and sub-billing applications, and is ideal for multi-family, commercial and industrial applications. The flexible design allows for multiple density metering requirements using only a few standardized components. SEM3 is pre-engineered to integrate into new Siemens panelboards and switchboards as well as OEM and retrofit applications.
Solar Meter Combo

Siemens offers even more innovative meter combo solutions for residential solar applications. The MC2442B1200ESC/EFV feature a 200A main breaker with 225A rated bus and can accommodate a PV input up to 70A backfed onto the main. These meter combos meet all EUSERC and Title 24 requirements and feature a side-by-side design in surface and flush mount options.
Siemens Dual Function Circuit Breaker

The Dual Function Circuit Breaker combines GFCI and AFCI technology, protecting against both Arc and Ground Faults, providing value in cost and labor savings. Self Test & Lockout feature, making it the first in class in electrical safety for homeowners. The 2014 NEC requires both Arc and Ground Fault protection on kitchen and laundry circuits
SIRIUS Soft Starters

Soft starters reduce the mechanical and electrical stress that can occur when electromechanically starting and stopping motors. Siemens offers a complete family of soft starters from 0.5HP through 950HP. SIRIUS soft starters offer considerable space savings and reduced wiring over mechanical reduced voltage starters.
ESP200 Overload Relay

Thanks to breakthroughs like our ESP200 Overload Relay, Siemens starters continue to provide both proven protection and outstanding service. Siemens offers full or reduced voltage NEMA starters with solid-state electronic or bimetal overload protection, single-speed or two-speed, reversing or nonreversing, single-phase or three-phase, in full and half sizes.
Meter Mounting Equipment

For more than half a century, Talon has been the market leader in innovation and value for the meter socket industry. From our award-winning lever bypass products to proprietary K base products to innovative temporary power design, Talon is the long-term solution partner for your metering needs.
Siemens Lighting Contactors

Siemens comprehensive line of lighting contactors offer a wide range of control solutions for lighting applications. They provide reliable, efficient means of local or remote switching of lighting as well as non-inductive loads. Rugged construction, heavy duty ratings and a wide selection of control options makes the Siemens Lighting Contactors the right choice for lighting applications.
Siemens Surge Protection

Power strips alone won't cut it.In today's electronic world, your home's electrical, phone and cable systems are incomplete unless they incorporate surge protection. To surge protect ALL of your home's equipment, use Siemens 4home family of surge protection devices. They are designed to stop Surges at the incoming service before they travel down the lines to damage your equipment.
G Frame Family Molded Case Circuit Breaker

Siemens  new G Frame family of molded case circuit breakers. The new GG and GB style breakers will provide a multitude of new solutions for both the Industrial and Construction markets which will ultimately assist you in savings time and money for the applications these products are suited for.
Power Panelboards

This new generation of Panelboard products represents the high level of engineering innovation expected from Siemens. With flexibility and strength added to the existing rugged and durable Panelboard family, Siemens Panelboards are extremely easy to install. These newer designs also simplify wiring and reduce material requirements, saving additional installation time.
Siemens Evolution Series Air-cooled Generator

Siemens  announces the release of the Evolution series air-cooled generator line, designated by the catalog prefix “ASGE”.

The Evolution series builds upon the leading technology found in the Nexus controller.
This release will involve all new catalog numbers for all stand-by generators (8-20kW). The SL series transfer switches will migrate to the new SE series.
Photovoltaic Safety Switch

Cost is a major consideration in any photovoltaic installation as the size of the array increases. A recent trend toward 1000V DC on larger systems is ongoing since increasing the array output from 600 to 1000V DC results in a significant, additional cost reduction. Siemens offers an array of 600VDC and additionally 1000VDC Safety Switches with UL98B listing.
One Easy Way to Cut Soft Costs For Solar

We have found a strong correlation between solar and electric vehicle (EV) owners. By marketing to this audience, we have found we can reduce customer acquisition costs and increase project revenue. Read the overview of how to target EV owners under more info.
Residential Offering and Its Value

Your choice in residential electrical gear can be a daunting one. The Siemens residential offering can help to put to rest fears in that decision. Whether it be load centers, combination arc faults or surge protection Siemens has you covered. Please take the time to view the following video which will take a deep dive into these residential offerings.
Siemens Power Mod™

Siemens Power Mod™ line of multi-family metering offers more ways to reduce labor cost, footprint, and overall material cost than any other supplier.  QuickSystem™ features enable labor savings of 32-43% over our competitors. Exclusive products like six position 225amp meter stack, new “house power” panel, Busway Tap Stack, exclusive QS breaker, and re-locatable neutrals & ground lugs.
Siemens Surge Protection

In today's electronic world your home's safety is incomplete unless you incorporate surge protection. Siemens can help with these options:
Limited House Protection:
  • protection against hardwire appliances
  • circuit breaker + surge protection
Sufficient House Protection:
  • All of the above
  • protection for TV, Cable modem, telephone and fax
Unassembled Panelboards

Siemens offers an easy and efficient way to receive a factory P1 panelboard and accessories sold in pieces over your distributors counter.
Benefits include:
  • No more 2 week lead times
  • Easy installation
  • Nullifies shipping damages 
  • If a job change occurs you have same day access to product
Talk to your Authorized Siemens distributor today about this valuable offering.
3-Phase Load Center

The Siemens 3-Phase lineup will meet your application and installation needs regardless of the job at hand.  Siemens offers 3-Phase load center in both aluminum (ES series) and copper (PL series).  Why wait for an engineered panelboard when a 3-Phase load center will meet that application?  Siemens has the highest quality, most complete offering on the market.
Spare Part Kits

As part of our comprehensive residential and commercial product selection, such as for Lighting Panels, Load Centers and Modular Metering, Siemens now offers spare part kits for purchase. We are pleased to offer our channel partners this kit to keep at their counter and encourage our partners to include the spare parts kit available on job-sites.
Cash in On Solar Growth

Siemens is making doing solar projects easier than ever. New programs include:
  • Cash incentives for microinverters used in commercial projects – ask you local Siemens rep today!
  • Online tool to better quote and track any type of solar, wind, or energy efficiency project. 
  • Information packet to learn the ABC’s of solar.
WSPD Surge Protection Module

The WSPD surge protection module is a new addition to the Siemens Power Mod multi-family metering product line. Surge protection can now be added as an integral modoule to the product line making for a safe and professional installation where surge protection is required.
Extended Warranty

Siemens can offer extended warranties for busway solutions, controls, low and medium voltage air-cooled switchgear, motor control centers, panelboards, power monitoring solutions, switchboards and transformers up to 60 months from the date of invoice for equipment installed in the United States. Custom warranties are available for greater than 60 months or for existing equipment, upon request.
VL Circuit Breakers

Available in current ratings from 30A to 1600A, the VL family of molded case circuit breakers utilizes a compact and modular design which can be configured to suit a wide range of applications. Each frame is available with three choices of trip unit: thermal-magnetic, electronic and electronic with LCD and features interrupt ratings up to 100kA at 480VAC.
Arc Fault Protection - Combination Type AFCIs and Intelli-Arc Diagnostic Tool

Save time and money: Diagnosing the cause of AFCI trips can be confusing, but the new Intelli-Arc Diagnostic Tool and the unique trip indicators built into every Siemens Combination Type AFCI are valuable in helping electricians pinpoint the fault that causes the breaker to trip.
Siemens i-3 Control Technology V2™

Siemens i-3 Control Technology V2™ is a cost-effective lighting control system that reduces energy costs and enables users to control light based on schedules, sensors and inputs. The system is robust, easy to use and flexible featuring a color touch screen panel, which greatly simplifies user control, monitoring and programming.
Uni-PAK Metering

Siemens all new Uni-PAK Metering offers maximum flexibility and ease of installation to meet the service requirements of multiple position metering projects. Devices are factory pre-bussed in a compact enclosure to ensure ease of handling, installation and to maximize wall-space efficiency.  Features: Mounting rail for wall hanging, removable knock-out plate and reduced bolted connections to allow front accessibility.
Solar Photovoltaic – Safety Switch

Siemens is first to market with a line of enclosed disconnects which is UL listed for use with 3 separate 600V DC circuits and is specifically designed for Solar Photovoltaic applications . Door labeling as required by Article 690 of the NEC is supplied along with a long list of labor saving features. One of our switches can replace up three competitive switches.
The Siemens VersiCharge line of Electric Vehicle Charging Systems

The industry’s most versatile, feature rich and easy to use system available to homeowners and fleet operators.  These Level 2 (240 VAC) charging stations offer unparalleled usability, safety, energy management, and affordability.  The lineup includes many features such as amperage control, flexible installation options, and has optional full featured communications.
Smart-Gear® Type WL Low Voltage Switchgear

What is Smart-LVS? A pre-configured and pre-programmed low voltage switchgear that integrally supports out-of-the-box remote monitoring, configuration and control of embedded intelligent devices utilizing remotely mounted HMI as a standard feature.
Siemens introduces ES and PL Series Load Centers™

Offering a full line of load centers, Siemens meets the needs of every application and all of your installation needs. From small load centers, riser panels and three phase load centers, to the PL and ES Series Load Centers™, Siemens has the highest quality, most complete offering on the market.
Siemens Microinverters

The ideal solution for inverting Solar PV power from direct current (DC) to utility compatible alternating current (AC) in residential and commercial applications.  With the Siemens system, each solar module is inverted independently, improving overall performance.  The system is efficient, simple, scalable, safe and is accompanied by the most advanced monitoring in the solar industry.
Siemens VBII Solar Disconnects

Siemens is first to market with a UL listed disconnect switch for use with three, separate 600V DC circuits on negative ground photovoltaic systems. We are pleased to announce that Photovoltaic Disconnect Switches in 30-100A ratings are now released for sale.
Simple and Cost Effective Selective Coordination

The Siemens Coordination Panel provides fusible solutions that make it simple and cost effective to selectively coordinate a fused electrical distribution system.  Selective coordination is a highly desirable design consideration as selectively coordinated over current protective devices help avoid unnecessary blackouts.
Energy-Efficient Busway Solutions for Data Centers

The power demands of today’s data centers are in a constant state of change. Siemens XJ-LTM High Density Busway provides energy efficient and cost-effective solutions for your unique application. With over one million feet in service, XJ-L HD Busway has a proven track record.
Siemens Ultimate Load Center Proven to Install Faster

Siemens recently completed a time installation study for load centers through a third party research company. The result: Time to install Siemens Ultimate Load Center is faster than the competition, resulting in valuable labor savings. For more information on the study, please click on this link to review the white paper.
Stop Surges Before They Get in with Siemens Surge Protection Devices

Suppress surge voltage to harmless levels and protect electronics and electrical loads by using Siemens' line of factory installed integral TPS3 surge protection devices installed at key electrical system surge entry points.
Arc Fault Protection - Combination Type AFCIs and Intelli-Arc Diagnostic Tool

Save time and money: Diagnosing the cause of AFCI trips can be confusing, but the new Intelli-Arc Diagnostic Tool and the unique trip indicators built into every Siemens Combination Type AFCI are valuable in helping electricians pinpoint the fault that causes the breaker to trip.
WL Arc Resistant Low Voltage Switchgear

Siemens arc resistant low voltage switchgear provides an added degree of protection over standard metal-enclosed switchgear. In addition to bolted faults, Siemens WL low voltage switchgear is designed and performance tested to ANSI/IEEE C37.20.7 to provide protection from the hazards of internal arcing faults.
Introducing Type VBII 600VDC Enclosed Photovoltaic Disconnect Switches

The first UL Listed line of disconnect switches specifically designed for use with three separate 600VDC circuits. One VBII disconnect performs the function of three competitive switches. These switches are designed for use in negative ground 600VDC max. photovoltaic systems which must comply with Article 690 of the NEC.
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