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Mersen product videos now available on YouTube!

Visit Mersen’s YouTube channel for the latest videos from Mersen! Learn about innovative Mersen products such as our USG series UltraSafeTM fuseholders and Greeneye/Greenbrain PV safety products, and view our informative videos on Arc flash mitigation and protecting against indirect lightning strikes.
Mersen Launches Global Line of Premium Compact Low-Voltage Disconnect Switches

Mersen’s comprehensive new line of low-voltage disconnect switches is globally available, with a full line of accessories to accommodate virtually any application. The broadest range in the industry. Encompasses UL508, UL98, and IEC standard products for AC and DC applications.
Mersen Extends Offering of Surge-Trap® SPDs Up to 690VAC

Mersen’s Surge-Trap Pluggable DIN-rail SPD now includes UL 1449 3rd Edition Recognized ratings up to 690VAC for 3-Phase WYE configurations. Mersen’s STP series is both UL and IEC certified to the latest industry standards and feature Mersen’s patented TPMOV® Technology inside.
Mersen Launches Global Line of Premium Compact Low-Voltage Disconnect Switches

Mersen’s comprehensive new line of low-voltage disconnect switches is globally available, with a full line of accessories to accommodate virtually any application. The broadest range in the industry. Encompasses UL508, UL98, and IEC standard products for AC and DC applications.
HelioProtection® HP10J Fuses - Photovoltaic

Mersen’s new HP10J on average is the most efficient 1000VDC photovoltaic fuse on the market. The HP10J provides superior overcurrent protection at re-combiner box and inverter levels and covers applications ranging from 70A to 400A, 1000VDC. The enhanced fuse construction makes it ideal for continuous temperature and current cycling withstand adding to system longevity.
New Mersen PV-Rated UL 98 and IEC DC Disconnect Switches

Mersen’s new DC disconnect switches are especially designed for PV applications. Quick, safe, and reliable DC breaking power at all current levels up to 1000VDC. Compact footprint. Direct installation for floating polarity configuration. Jumper bar available for grounded configuration.
Mersen’s Surge-Trap STT4X Type 1 Surge Protective Device (SPD)

Features a NEMA 4X enclosure and is rated for outdoor applications. Featuring Mersen’s industry-leading, patented TPMOV® technology, the STT4X is suited for system voltages from 120V to 600V AC and has a 20kA (In) nominal discharge current and high 200kA SCCR ratings

The food-service and chemical industries subject their equipment to extreme conditions, from high-pressure steam and water wash-downs to hydrogen-sulfide and other corrosive atmospheres. Mersen’s newest non-fused Enclosed Disconnect Switch for NEMA 4X corrosive environments, the EBFS403RS0-H, meets the demands of these applications.
Maximize Production and Decrease Costs with Mersen’s PV String Monitoring Solution

In order to guarantee long term power performance in mid- and large-scale photovoltaic (PV) installations, it’s mandatory to properly monitor the production of the installation over time, at the string level. String level monitoring is guaranteed to maximize energy production, optimize facility management, and decrease operations and maintenance costs.
New Video: “Arc Flash Mitigation Using Mersen’s Amp-Trap 2000 Fuses”

Mersen's latest video showcases live arc flash testing from Mersen’s High-Power Test Lab. Using a mannequin, the video demonstrates the effects on PPE Hazard Category 0 when different classes of fuses are used. Mersen Amp-Trap 2000 fuses clearly show the highest level of protection for people and equipment.
Mersen PV String Monitoring Cards

In mid- and large-scale photovoltaic (PV) installations, it is mandatory to properly monitor the production over time at string level to guarantee the long term power performances by maximizing energy production, optimizing facility management, and decreasing operations and maintenance costs. Mersen’s HelioProtection® line includes string monitoring systems: standalone monitoring electronic cards and complete junction boxes.
MPDB Series UL 1953 Open-Style Power Distribution Blocks

Mersen’s Open-Style Power Distribution Blocks provide a safe and easy method of splicing cables, splitting primary power into secondary circuits, and fulfilling requirements for fixed junction tap-off points. All blocks are UL and CSA approved while meeting spacing requirements for feeder and branch circuits in conjunction with UL508A and the National Electrical Code®.
New USG Series Fuseholders Expand Mersen’s Popular, Industry-Leading UltraSafe™ Fuseholder Family

Mersen's USGCC (class CC), USGM (midget class), and USGM-HEL (photovoltaic class) UltraSafe™ Fuseholders are equipped with patented CAGE CLAMP® technology. This screw-less, spring pressure, wire termination technology has over 25 years of field experience and acceptance and can reduce wire installation time and cost by up to 75%.
Mersen’s PIQ Quizzes: Now Available for Mobile Devices!

Test your knowledge of electrical protection with Protection Intelligent Quotient (PIQ) Quizzes. Our popular PIQ Quizzes can now be viewed on smart phones and tablets! This ongoing program challenges participants to see if they’re up to speed on the best practices in electrical safety and includes related online resources for every quiz.
Mersen’s HP10NH1 Photovoltaic Fuse Series

Mersen’s HP10NH1 photovoltaic fuse series was engineered and designed specifically for the protection of photovoltaic systems. Its enhanced fuse construction makes it ideal for continuous temperature and current cycling withstand adding to system longevity. The 1000VDC rated HP10NH1 allows for safe circuit interruption under typical low fault current conditions produced by PV arrays.
Mersen PSC Square Body Semiconductor Fuses ship in just 10 days!

Mersen's high-performance Protection Semiconductor (PSC) square body fuses deliver the ultimate in protection for your power conversion equipment. Over 550 PSC square body fuses in eight different body sizes (sizes 3x & 7x) ship within two weeks (some exceptions apply).
Mersen's Surge-Trap® Type 1 SPD

A fail-safe and economical solution for applications that require NEMA-style SPDs. The STT2 Type 1 SPD has a NEMA 2 enclosure for indoor applications. The STT4X features a NEMA 4X enclosure for outdoor applications. Both are UL 1449 Third Edition approved and offer a wide range of voltage configurations and utilize Mersen's patented TPMOV® technology.
Mersen's New Select-A-Switch

With Mersen's Select-A-Switch® Online tool, you can quickly and accurately choose the right disconnect switch for your application. You can easily review Mersen's product data specifications by clicking on the catalog link, which will provide you with the most up-to-date technical information. Best of all, it's free!
Save Time with Select-A-SPD® Online!

With Mersen's free Select-A-SPD® Online tool, you can quickly and accurately choose the right Surge Protection Device (SPD) for your equipment. Mersen's Surge-Trap® product line offers a world class suite of surge protection devices designed to protect your facility from harmful and preventable surge damage.
Mersen Disconnect Switches

Mersen offers a complete selection of fused and non-fused load break disconnect switches for all your applications. From enclosed switches, changeover switches, and the surge switch, to UL 98 switches and the UL 508 FSLBS switches, Mersen Disconnect Switches are designed to meet customers’ requirements for compact and durable individual disconnecting means.
Mersen Releases the Industry’s First UL 2579 Listed Range of Dedicated Photovoltaic Fuses

Mersen (formerly Ferraz Shawmut) offers three UL 2579 listed Helio Protection fuse lines: HP6M, HP10M, and HP6J. Providing superior overcurrent protection at the combiner box and inverter levels, the new series covers applications from 1 to 400A, 600VDC, and 1000VDC.
Mersen's Surge-Trap® Pluggable SPD

is a no-fuse, fail-safe surge suppressor featuring Mersen's patented TPMOV technology. UL 1449 Third Edition approved, Surge-Trap Pluggable is DIN-rail mountable with a fail-safe self-protected design, visual indicator and a small footprint. The Surge-Trap Pluggable SPD has a high short circuit rating and a thermally protected MOV, which eliminates the need for additional overcurrent protection devices.
Mersen's FSLBS Load Break Switch

Mersen's UL 508-listed FSLBS industrial-grade load break switch provides panel builders and OEMs increased versatility and savings in making or breaking loads up to 600V and is suitable as a motor disconnect for up to 40HP. Advantages include box terminals rated for two wires, front and side operation, modular construction, and a lower price.
Get Control with Mersen’s Fuse Control™ Program

Mersen’s Fuse Control program is a powerful combination of circuit protection products and services designed to control plant inventory, operating costs, code compliance, and workplace safety. Fuse Control provides the edge needed to mitigate arc flash hazards, reduce downtime associated with electrical failures, and streamline inventory by 25 percent or more.
Mersen CP Cable Protectors

are special purpose limiters which are crimped or bolted to cables to clear and isolate faults quickly, increasing the reliability of service entrance and distribution runs. Current-limiting with a 200,000A interrupting rating, they carry low cable overloads which are handled by standard protective devices. Heat shrinkable (HS) tubing can be specified for field installation.
Mersen A4BQ 100-600 Amp Fuses

Mersen's (formerly Ferraz Shawmut) UL-listed Amp-Trap 2000® A4BQ 100-600A Fuses suit applications needing Class L fuse dimensions with ampere ratings less than 601. Suitable for branch circuit protection; designed so a Class L fuse of any lower rating can replace a given Class L fuse.
Mersen's Finger-Safe Power Distribution Blocks Offer a Highly Innovative and Modern Design

The first product of their kind, Mersen's FSPDBs incorporate a highly innovative and modern design that meets the requirements of IEC 529 and provides the IP-20 grade "finger-safe" protection to end-users - fingers simply can't touch live parts.

Making Simple Switch to Class RK1 Fuse Offers Big Benefits

Can switching from one fuse class to another improve safety and lower costs? Absolutely. Upgrade from Class RK5 to a Class RK1 fuse like Mersen’s Amp-Trap 2000®, and you get an extremely current-limiting fuse that opens in less than one half cycle to safeguard circuits and workers from short circuits.
High-Speed Class J (HSJ) Fuses from Mersen

Engineered specifically for the operating characteristics of electronic motor controllers, HSJ fuses combine high-speed performance (low I2t) and overload handling capabilities to provide simpler, more effective protection for soft-starters and drives. UL 248-8 Listed, HSJ fuses meet Code requirements for branch circuit protection.
Mersen's Tri-onic® Class RK5 Fuses Featuring SmartSpot®

Mersen has made its popular Tri-onic Class RK5 fuses even better with the addition of its innovative SmartSpot technology. Now the industry's most trusted overcurrent protection for motors and transformers helps to speed fuse changeouts with the open-fuse indicator that's easy to spot - even with the power off.
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