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IDEAL Voltage Testers

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LinkMaster™ Tester
Test wiring configuration on UTP and STP. Check for shorts, miss wires, reversals and split pairs. Debug feature, automatic shut-off and low battery LED indicator.
Combo Head™ Cushioned-Grip Screwdriver
IDEAL manufactures the Combo Head™ Cushioned-Grip Screwdriver to fit a majority of Combo Screws. The tip has been vapor blasted and precision machined to ensure accurate fastener fit and engagement.
TightSight® 660A and 1000A Clamp Meters
Great rugged meters designed for industrial and commercial electricians. They have an added display in the bottom of the testers so you can always see a reading the meter has taken.
Merlin™ ACSR Cutter
Especially designed for applications involving stainless steel reinforced aluminum cable. Especially designed for applications involving stainless steel reinforced aluminum cable.
Wire Connector Tip 1 - Pre-Twist Wires
Why you should pre-twist your conductors when making an electrical connection.
SureTrace Circuit Tracers
Four defined ranges of these Circuit Tracers let you quickly select the proper sensitivity for your specific job.
W.A.C. Lighting Presents Premier Low Voltage Track Heads
Ideal for both new construction and retrofit installations, W.A.C. Lighting presents a complete line of...

Ideal Industries
Conduit Bender Guide
Opti-Core® IndustrialNet™ Polymer Coated Fiber (PCF) Cables
Opti-Core® IndustrialNet™ Polymer Coated Fiber (PCF) Cables are designed with technicians in mind, and are ideal for installation in harsh, industrial environments. Large diameter, high strength and highly durable graded-index, PCF Cables are suitable for applications that demand high mechanical integrity and reliability. They are easy to prepare and terminate using the LC Connector and PCF Termination Kit. Training takes minutes so it’s suitable for technicians lacking experience with fiber optic cables.

Sensors and Automation for Office Lighting
Among the latest developments in office lighting is multi-technology sensors. Leviton’s ODC Series, for instance, combines line voltage occupancy sensors and photocells into a self-contained unit that alleviates the need for separate power pack and occupancy sensor wiring. The sensors not only test for occupancy/vacancy but can be set to do Daylight Harvesting – actively switching lights on and off based on integrated photocells in response to available natural light, resulting in maximized energy savings. Simple connections to line-voltage circuits are ideal for retrofits or new construction with limited access to wiring and conduit.

Circuit Tracers Aid Electrical Detectives
The job of an electrician or electrical contractor could be much easier if wiring was installed in front of walls, rather than behind them. Not only would identifying wire damage or other short circuit problems be a snap, it also would be a much simpler process to trace a connected outlet or fixture back to its related circuit breaker in a main panel box.

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IDEAL SIGNALTEK™ Gigabit Ethernet Certifiers
Learn how to use SIGNALTEK™ to provide comprehensive and cost effective test results for voice, data and video applications.
Level: intermediate

IDEAL Sure Test AFCI Tester
First complete branch circuit tester to include AFCI breaker testing.
Level: basic

IDEAL CCTV Systems SecuriTEST™ Pro
Understand the benefits of a multi-function tester and how it helps speed up testing and troubleshooting of a completed CCTV installation.
Level: intermediate

IDEAL PowerPlug™ Luminaire Disconnect
Learn about the features of the PowerPlug™ and how it relates to the new NEC code requirements.
Level: intermediate

IDEAL WeatherProof™ and UnderGround™ Wire Connectors
Learn about the many applications of these connectors in rough environments.
Level: basic

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