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Shat-R-Shield, Inc.
Silicone Coated Lighting Products
George Mabin, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Shat-R-Shield, discusses the many benefits of their silicone coated lighting products.
Shatter-Resistant Lamps
Shat-R-Shield Product Manager, Don Cattoni, explains the importance of using shatter-resistant lamps versus standard fluorescent.
Shat-R-Shield Shatterproof Lamps
CEO Bob Nolan discusses the benefits and applications of shatterproof lamps.
Full Line of Waterproof, Safety-Coated LED Lamps
Shat-R-Shield’s line of waterproof, safety-coated LED lamps includes MR16, A19, G25, PAR20, PAR30 and PAR38...
GE Lighting
McGill Electrical - EGS
Shat-R-Shield, Inc.