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Shat-R-Shield, Inc.
Silicone Coated Lighting Products
George Mabin, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Shat-R-Shield, discusses the many benefits of their silicone coated lighting products.
Shatter-Resistant Lamps
Shat-R-Shield Product Manager, Don Cattoni, explains the importance of using shatter-resistant lamps versus standard fluorescent.
Shat-R-Shield Shatterproof Lamps
CEO Bob Nolan discusses the benefits and applications of shatterproof lamps.
Go Green with Shat-R-Shield®
Shat-R-Shield’s new “green” line of shatter-resistant lighting products includes high-efficiency T5, T8, and compact fluorescent...
GE Lighting
McGill Electrical - EGS
Shat-R-Shield, Inc.
Shatterproof Lamps: Safe or Sorry?
Shatterproof lamps have become essential in commercial, industrial, and institutional (CII) lighting applications due to liability concerns and safety issues. Shatterproof lamps help owners and managers comply with safety laws and regulations while helping them mitigate legal risk. If a shatterproof lamp accidentally breaks, the tiny shards of glass and phosphors remain contained in the protective coating instead of contaminating the areas below, which reduces injuries and costly litigation.

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