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Hubbell Wiring Device-Kellems SystemOne Fire Rated Poke-Through

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Hubbell Wiring Device - Kellems
Healthcare Product Applications
Hubbell provides both power and data solutions supporting heathcare's convergence needs.
Install One Poke-Thru Instead of Many
Evolution™ Series poke-thru devices offer high capacity and ease of installation. The 8AT Series provides...
Hubbell Premise Wiring
Hubbell Wiring Device - Kellems
Panduit Corp
Poke-Throughs: Strength Below the Surface
Whether the plan is to avoid running one lamp cord and one phone cord along a three-foot stretch in a living room or if it is to set up an intricate maze of power, communications, and multimedia on a casino floor, poke-through receptacles can get the job done by hiding their robust flexibility and functionally beneath the floor’s surface.

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