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Considering Conduit: Options Beyond Galvanized Steel
When electrical contractors think conduit, stainless steel and PVC might not be the first materials that come to mind. But in specific applications, each of these materials has advantages that can make it a first choice.  Understanding where each material’s benefits shine can help contractors and distributors ensure the right product is specified and installed.

Stainless Steel Conduits Tackle Harsh Environments
Electrical conduit strung through harsh environments requires a tough exterior shell. One material stands above others in providing protection for conduit in the toughest of conditions – stainless steel. Stainless steel’s protective properties begin with corrosion resistance. The chromium in stainless steel means a surface that is cracked or scratched will generally “heal itself” by oxidizing over the abrasion to protect against further corrosion. This can be particularly important in gaseous environments like waste water treatment or chemical plants.

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