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Company Name: Leviton Manufacturing Company;

Leviton Manufacturing Company
Bill Grande details what arc faults are, and how AFCIs can help prevent fires resulting from various arc faults conditions.
4-Port USB Charger
Offers a ground-breaking 4.2 Amps of charging power controlled by a microprocessor, providing the ability to charge up to four high-powered electronic devices simultaneously, including multiple tablets.
SmartlockPro® Outlet Branch Circuit AFCI Receptacle
Advanced technology helps protect against electrical fires resulting from arc-faults.
Universal Dimmers
Product Manager, Mike Neary, discusses the features and benefits of Leviton's line of Universal Dimmers.
Leviton Smart Metering
Troy Hull, Director, Meter Solution Sales, talks about how Leviton's smart metering products can help manage energy usage smarter.
Universal Dimmers
A public service announcement from Leviton concerning dimmable cfls and leds.
Leviton’s VerifEye™ Smart Submetering Solutions
Leviton's VerifEye Submetering line is the industry’s most precise, revenue grade energy monitoring solution. The...

Leviton Manufacturing Company
Enclosures That Take an Active Role
Enclosures often are, simply, boxes with door that serve as protective housings for various kinds of electrical equipment. However, the enclosures used in active cabling designs are really more like miniature telecommunications rooms and incorporate integral wiring that makes them ready for an AC power connection.

A Variety of Uses for Occupancy and Vacancy Sensors
To call today’s lighting sensors simply “occupancy sensors” may be a bit of an understatement. Today’s sensor and control technology, after all, does more than just turn on when someone enters a room or space. Current versions can more accurately be called “vacancy sensors” (there is a difference) or even “amount of light use” sensors.

Breakthrough in AFCI Circuit Protection
The code mandated AFCI protection is expensive. A typical load panel AFCI circuit breaker is about forty dollars. Older panels, when doing modification work, might have to be replaced to properly seat the AFCI breakers. So when the customer wants a receptacle added, the price could kill any interest and his trust in the electrical contractor. New developments can help with this problem. Leviton has developed and introduced an Outlet Branch Circuit (OBC) AFCI receptacle.

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