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Hubbell Wiring Device-Kellems Straight Blade Plugs

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Company Name: Hubbell Wiring Device - Kellems;

Hubbell Wiring Device - Kellems
Watertight Devices
Watertight Wiring Devices that include UL-listed plugs and connectors from 15A/125V to 30A/480V, as well as receptacles and accessories.
Education Campus eTour
This virtual tour of san education campus encompasses many different buildings and unique spaces.
CircuitLock Disconnect for Variable Frequency Drives
Hubbell's Disconnect Switch for Variable Frequency Drives (VFDs) prevents downtime from out of sequence equipment shutdowns.
Hubbell Safety eTour
Users explore this virtual industrial facility and see the many Hubbell safety solutions that are employed in areas like shipping, plating, molding, automated assembly, manual assembly and maintenance.
SystemOne Recessed 4" Fire-Rated Poke-Throughs
Step down installation • Maintains concrete floor rating up to two hours.
USB Charging Receptacle
Demonstration of Hubbell's new USB Charging Receptacle.
Hubbell Wiring Systems is pleased to announce a new Healthcare Application Guide
Hubbell’s new Healthcare Application Guide to assist hospital and healthcare facility managers in identifying and...

Hubbell Wiring Device - Kellems
Hubbell Wiring Devices
Tools and Configurators<br>
Home Is Where the Raceway Is
Raceway is seen primarily as a product for schools, offices and industrial settings, but the rising need for managing a range of electrical and audio/visual cables in homes means residential applications are growing, as well. Many homeowners are realizing the need for extra power supplies to serve new appliances and electronics, but don’t want the expense of breaking into walls to rewire. John McFarland, director of commercial marketing for Hubbell, says he’s seeing raceway moving into three specific areas of the home.

Hubbell Case Study: University Students Fund Occupancy Sensors and Energy Savings
All around the globe, there is a powerful shift toward environmentally sustainable thinking and an increased interest in energy efficiency being driven by overwhelming statistics. In the U.S. alone, lighting consumes 8% of all energy and 22% of electricity, representing $40 billion a year in energy costs. Consequently, sustainable building design initiatives are popping everywhere, and education facilities are no exception. To support community values and reduce operating costs, colleges and universities are thinking long‐term and striving for sustainability.

What is a Pulling Grip?
Cable pulling grips are an essential component to install cable in conduit. Installing wire in raceways requires a professional craftsman, especially when it’s medium voltage, large size, or a long run. The grips lock onto the cable and provide an attachment point for pulling wire into a raceway.

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