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ASCO Power Technologies
ASCO Power Transfer Switch
Director of Applications Engineering Bhavesh Patel discusses ASCO's Power Transfer Switch used to connect emergency and on-site power.
ASCO Transfer Switches
ASCO Series 165
Ronk Meter-Rite® Heavy duty double throw switches to transfer loads between commercial power and auxiliary...

RONK Electrical Industries, Inc.

Eaton Cutler Hammer
Transfer Switches Applied in Systems with Power Circuit Breakers
How Fast is a Transfer Switch?
Transfer Switches are required by the NEC (National Electrical Code) to connect an alternate power source depending upon their load classification. In hospitals the “Emergency” loads are required to receive transferred power within 10 seconds. These loads consist of critical patient care areas, tissue bank storage, emergency lighting, and life safety uses.

Selective Coordination in Critical Facilities
In critical facilities, where it is particularly important to limit and isolate the effects of an overcurrent occurrence, selective coordination of overcurrent protection devices protects personnel and others on the premises, keeps critical power systems running, and prevents damage or loss of wiring and equipment by preventing a cascading loss of power. Selective coordination is a technique for isolating a faulted circuit. When designing a selectively coordinated system for critical facilities, the circuits for emergency power and the transfer switches must be factored in.

Seamlessly Shifting Power: Transfer Switches
When the power goes out, whether at a home, a government facility, or at a hospital, the only thing people care about is the power coming back on. How fast that happens depends on the codes that regulate what must come back up immediately and what can come back up gradually. Today’s transfer switches provide answers to all those power-switching situations.

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