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Arlington Industries, Inc.
Floor Boxes
Arlington has an adjustable box that fits most floor heights, an easy-to-install box for installed floors, and a box for new concrete pours. The new concrete floor box costs less than competitor's products - and saves on labor as well.
Hubbell Wiring Device - Kellems
Healthcare Product Applications
Hubbell provides both power and data solutions supporting heathcare's convergence needs.
Wiremold/Legrand Introduces Industry's First Fire-Classified Floor Boxes
Wiremold/Legrand offers fire-classified metal and nonmetallic floor boxes that preserve the fire rating of a...



Kraloy Fittings




Appleton Electric

Fire-Rated Floor Boxes
Floor boxes are a popular means for distributing power, data and communications wiring throughout commercial environments. These products free facility managers from fixed wall-based distribution and intrusive upright boxes by providing easy access to utilities that can be covered and ignored when not needed.

A Lot Going on Underfoot
Electrically, there is quite a bit going on underfoot in commercial and industrial buildings today. In order to accommodate rapidly changing workforces and company or office residencies, building managers increasingly rely on sub-floor wiring coming through floor boxes.

Function Beneath the Surface
Floor boxes are now designed with every conceivable need or use in mind, even future needs. In most cases, that means an electrical floor box capable of meeting all power, communications and audio/video (AV) needs, while having cutouts for future needs. In both commercial and residential applications, users seek durability, flexibility, ease of installation, and a design that is seamless with floor.

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Legrand Floor Boxes are Fire Rated for up to Three Hours, 7/23/2014
Legrand Expands its Line of Fire-Classified Floor Boxes, 1/27/2014
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