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Greenlee Textron
Safe Cable Pulling Practices
Greenlee Textron Product Manager Jim Eisele discusses safe cable pulling practices.
Greenlee Ultra GLIDER™ Cable Pulling Lubrication System
Jim Eisele, Senior Product Manager, demonstrates how the Ultra GLIDER™ works and the applicators that can be used with it.
Greenlee G3 Tugger™ Saves Time and Money with Every Pull
The Greenlee® G3 Tugger™ Cable Puller has a 25 percent stronger continuous pull load, pulls...

Greenlee Textron

CI&M Magazine
Multiple Cable Pulling Made Easy
Applying Pulling Grips Safely
A pulling grip is one of the key components of a jobsite wire pulling system. All the components have to be chosen correctly to maintain safety. If any component fails under tension- the grip, connectors, sheaves, rollers and rope can whip around and injure nearby people or equipment. Choosing set-ups that require less pulling tension are safer.

What is a Pulling Grip?
Cable pulling grips are an essential component to install cable in conduit. Installing wire in raceways requires a professional craftsman, especially when it’s medium voltage, large size, or a long run. The grips lock onto the cable and provide an attachment point for pulling wire into a raceway.

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Southwire MC Cable
Dramatically improve installation time over traditional pipe and wire with Southwire's MC Cable
Level: basic
Company: Southwire Company

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