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Greenlee Textron
Safe Cable Pulling Practices
Greenlee Textron Product Manager Jim Eisele discusses safe cable pulling practices.
Greenlee Ultra GLIDER™ Cable Pulling Lubrication System
Jim Eisele, Senior Product Manager, demonstrates how the Ultra GLIDER™ works and the applicators that can be used with it.
Greenlee Launches New Ultra GLIDER™ Cable Pulling Lubrication System
Saves labor time, cable pulling force, and especially the mess of manual lubrication. A new...

Greenlee Textron

CI&M Magazine
Multiple Cable Pulling Made Easy
Applying Pulling Grips Safely
A pulling grip is one of the key components of a jobsite wire pulling system. All the components have to be chosen correctly to maintain safety. If any component fails under tension- the grip, connectors, sheaves, rollers and rope can whip around and injure nearby people or equipment. Choosing set-ups that require less pulling tension are safer.

Split-Bushings Save Time
The pressure is on to complete the job. The electrical inspector has just red tagged the installation for a code violation. A new crew member installed the tagged panelboards. What will be the impact for you? The electrical inspector wants insulated fittings per NEC 300.4(G). The new crew member installed some 4 AWG cables without insulating bushings, but the inspector noticed. The new electrician said he had trouble pulling the cable in several conduits using the bushings, so to push the job progress along, he just skipped them.

What is a Pulling Grip?
Cable pulling grips are an essential component to install cable in conduit. Installing wire in raceways requires a professional craftsman, especially when it’s medium voltage, large size, or a long run. The grips lock onto the cable and provide an attachment point for pulling wire into a raceway.

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Southwire MC Cable
Dramatically improve installation time over traditional pipe and wire with Southwire's MC Cable
Level: basic
Company: Southwire Company

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