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Company Name: Arlington Industries, Inc;

Arlington Industries, Inc.
Exterior InBox™
Arlington's Exterior InBox™ line provide a weatherproof-in-use extra-duty cover, a recessed box design, and available for new or retrofit installations.
Floor Boxes
Arlington has an adjustable box that fits most floor heights, an easy-to-install box for installed floors, and a box for new concrete pours. The new concrete floor box costs less than competitor's products - and saves on labor as well.
Wire Grabber™ and Kits
Better than traditional wire-hanging methods, Wire Grabber™ saves time and costs much less than the competitive products.
TV Box
Arlington's TVBU810 delivers the ultimate in versatility for installing wall-mounted TVs in new or retrofit projects. You can install it horizontally or vertically to ensure proper positioning of low voltage connections behind the TV.
TV Bridge™ Kit for Flat Screen TVs
Arlington's TVBR2505K - TV Bridge™ Kit - includes two recessed power/low voltage combo boxes and all the connections you need to install a flat screen TV in an existing wall.
Recessed TV Box™ w/ Angled Openings
Arlington's TVB712 and TVB713 - non-metallic recessed combination power and low voltage TV Box™ offers the secure, easy way to mount flatscreen TVs flush against a wall.
Heavy-duty Arlington Enclosure Boxes
Arlington's non-metallic, heavy-duty enclosure boxes protect and secure power backups, security devices and other valuable...

Arlington Industries, Inc.
Arlington Industries
UL/CSA Standards and Specifications
Plug and Play Fittings
Every project has opportunities to replace field labor with a better fitting. No, the fitting will not self assemble yet, but it could be in development. Installing a single liquid-tight raceway takes only minutes, but when you have many of them, it adds up. Connections often require liquid-tight raceway due to vibration and water exposure. When the project has many motors to connect, you often have liquid-tight raceway as a requirement,

Bonding vs. Grounding: A Primer
Bonding and grounding are simple concepts, but, unfortunately, they’re also easily confused with each other. Definitions of one term often get wrapped up in the definitions of the other, and, before long, one can begin thinking the words are interchangeable. “Grounding” refers to the creation of a path from electrical equipment to the earth. It is intended to protect equipment and help prevent fires that might occur due to high voltages resulting from lightning strikes, line surges or unintended contact with higher-voltage lines.

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