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AFC Cable Systems / Tyco Electrical & Metal
MC-QUIK™ & MC-STAT™ Type MC Cables
For fast and easy installations.
AFC Cable Systems MC Cable
Marilou Newell, National Technical Services Manager, talks about the various uses of MC cable and how it relates to labor savings.
Arlington Industries, Inc.
MC Cable Connectors
Zinc die-cast. For MCI-A • MC/HCF steel and aluminum cable • AC/HCF steel and aluminum cable • Flexible metal conduit steel and aluminum (regular and reduced wall) • MCI cable • AC90 • TECK90.
Arlington Industries AnyBODY™ Conduit Bodies, MC Cable Connectors
Southern Regional Sales Manager Don Ambrose discusses features of the AnyBODY™ conduit bodies and next generation MC cable connectors.
Madison Electric Products
President Brad Wiandt demonstrates the Clip-It™ product line for attaching MC Cable to metal studs.
Southwire Company
MC AP Cable Armoured and Feeder Cables
Southwire explains the installation time savings of new MC AP armoured cable, also hospital MC AP and feeder cables. 
Arlington’s New Lost Cost, Versatile MC Cable Fittings
Super-convenient and cost-effective! Each fitting has an end stop, but it also comes with three...
AFC Cable Systems / Tyco Electrical & Metal
American Connectors
Anacom Northern Wire & Cable, Inc.
APA Cables & Networks
Appleton Electric
Arlington Industries, Inc.
Electroline Mfg. Co.
Hubbell Electrical Products
Indevco Corp.
Protect Against Ground Faults With Better Bonding
The term “grounding” often accompanies “bonding” in manufacturer’s descriptions of their electrical fittings. It’s a bit confusing, because grounding and bonding actually are two separate tasks that share the common goal of protecting building occupants from dangerous fault and over-current conditions. But, while grounding is the effort to direct surges of electricity safely to the earth, bonding is the act of directing fault-related current back to a panel, where it can be controlled by a breaker or fuse.

AC and MC Cable: Understanding the Difference
Armored cable (Type AC) and metal-clad cable (Type MC) can look very similar, as they both feature flexible metal armor encasing a number of pre-installed conductors. And both types of product can enable much faster installation, versus old-school pipe-and-wire methods. However, AC and MC cable actually are constructed differently from each other, which leads to differences in their permitted applications.

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