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Panduit Wiring Duct

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Company Name: Panduit Corp;

Panduit Corp
Telecommunications Room 4 Post Rack
Panduit offers a 4 Post Rack designed for telecommunications room applications.
DCIM: Energy and Environmental Mgmt. for Small Data Centers
Enable cost-effective, real-time monitoring, alerting, and management of data center power and environmental information.
J-Pro Cable Support System
The J-PRO Cable Support System is designed to provide an alternative to metal J-hooks for routing horizontal cabling throughout the physical infrastructure.
StrongHold™ Electrical/Network Supports and Fasteners
A reliable, high-quality solution for routing and securing power and communication cabling within commercial and industrial facilities.
Aruba Wireless Access Point Enclosure
Features include a RF transparent, locking cover which protects the wireless access point as well as the network endpoint.
Wyr-Grid® Overhead Cable Tray Routing System
Contributes to network performance by effectively managing and protecting high-performance communication, computing, and power cables in data centers as well as enterprises.
Industry Leading Permanent Identification Solutions Designed for Harsh Environments
PANDUIT offers the widest range of Permanent Identification Solutions in the industry to withstand the...

Panduit Corp
Web Based Training Courses
Web Based Training
Web Based Training
Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) – No Battery, Maintenance-Free
The Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) uses 24VDC input/output to provide 35W of power and 5 to 15 minutes Hold Time and is designed for critical networking and control applications such as industrial managed switches and human machine interfaces (HMI’s). The Industrial UPS uses Ultracapacitors instead of batteries, eliminating the #1 cause of conventional UPS failures, which lowers the risk of downtime - and there’s no need for costly and time consuming maintenance.

Making Bonding Easier
One of the most essential steps in designing a data center’s bonding and grounding plan is assuring that bonding remains continuous, from equipment to racks and all the way back to the electrical panel. (These same requirements must be met in telecommunications equipment installations, per the Telecommunications Industry Association’s TIA-607-B standard.) This can require careful attention to all points where a connection might be overlooked, or come loose over time.

Avoid a Spaghetti Mess with Improved Cable Ties
In every structured cabling system, organization is the most critical element. No one wants to see a “spaghetti” mess behind a rack and have to figure it out during a repair or change. Professionals know how important cable ties are to their success, regardless of whether the task calls for plastic, steel, hook-and-loop, or a mounted option. Their structured cabling installations must remain clean and organized.

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