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Panduit Power Connectors

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Company Name: Panduit Corp;

Panduit Corp
J-Pro Cable Support System
The J-PRO Cable Support System is designed to provide an alternative to metal J-hooks for routing horizontal cabling throughout the physical infrastructure.
DCIM: Energy and Environmental Mgmt. for Small Data Centers
Enable cost-effective, real-time monitoring, alerting, and management of data center power and environmental information.
Telecommunications Room 4 Post Rack
Panduit offers a 4 Post Rack designed for telecommunications room applications.
StrongHold™ Electrical/Network Supports and Fasteners
A reliable, high-quality solution for routing and securing power and communication cabling within commercial and industrial facilities.
Aruba Wireless Access Point Enclosure
Features include a RF transparent, locking cover which protects the wireless access point as well as the network endpoint.
Wyr-Grid® Overhead Cable Tray Routing System
Contributes to network performance by effectively managing and protecting high-performance communication, computing, and power cables in data centers as well as enterprises.
PANDUIT Tapes Illuminate the Path to Safety
PANDUIT Corp. introduces Photoluminescent Tapes, a specially formulated film that absorbs energy from ambient light...

Panduit Corp
Web Based Training
Web Based Training Courses
Web Based Training
Panduit® StrongHold™ Electrical/Network Supports and Fasteners
Panduit® StrongHold™ Electrical/Network Supports and Fasteners provide a reliable, high-quality solution for routing and securing power and communication cabling within commercial and industrial facilities to reduce the time and cost associated with cable management installation. These dependable supports and fasteners are designed to meet the regulatory requirements of NFPA 70 (National Electric Code), UL standards and other USA/Canadian building codes.

Data Center Grounding and Bonding is All in the Details
Grounding an electrical system is critical in any facility to protect both people and property against lightning strikes and other dangerous events. Data centers, though, also have operational concerns that make grounding designs critical to their performance. In addition to the catastrophic damage a sudden surge can cause, lower-level events can create electrical noise resulting in faulty data signals and dropped data packets (“packets” are the chunks of data transmitted over a network system).

Avoid a Spaghetti Mess with Improved Cable Ties
In every structured cabling system, organization is the most critical element. No one wants to see a “spaghetti” mess behind a rack and have to figure it out during a repair or change. Professionals know how important cable ties are to their success, regardless of whether the task calls for plastic, steel, hook-and-loop, or a mounted option. Their structured cabling installations must remain clean and organized.

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