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Company Name: Siemens Industry, Inc. ;

Siemens Industry, Inc.
Lighting Contactors Class LE and LC
Class LE electrically held lighting and heating contactors are used in applications where it is not critical that the contacts remain in the closed position during loss of control power. Class LC lighting contactors deliver unprecedented versatility.
30MM Pilot Device Installation
Innovative technology and design for rapid installation, Siemen's complete range of oil tight Pilot Devices provides a solution that will be aesthetically and functionally impressive.
AFCI Circuit Breakers
An overview of arc fault causes and what the potential dangers are, the types of AFCI breakers Siemens offers, and and the features and benefits of the Intelli-Arc Diagnostic Tool.
Siemens Controls Express
Featuring NEMA, softstarters, pump panels, and lighting contactors.
Unassembled Panelboard Program
Product flexibility, quicker job turn around, and affordable pricing.
PL and ES Series Load Centers
Both series are available in 1-phase and 3-phase.
Siemens Surge Protection
Power strips alone won't cut it.In today's electronic world, your home's electrical, phone and cable...

Siemens Industry, Inc.
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Profitable Generator-Ready Load Centers
Residential load centers can be an extra source of contractor profits. Upgrading load centers is a competitive business with many home owners obtaining multiple quotes. At least one manufacturer has developed an option to give you an advantage over your competitors. Ideally you would want to offer an inexpensive option for a residential load center that would attract more winning bids and also be more profitable. The “Generator-Ready Load Center” (GRLC) by Siemens can accomplish both.

Easier Load Center Installation
Whether you are installing a new residential service panel or upgrading an existing one, easier is better. Manufacturers have new labor saving features. If you are too busy to compare options between manufacturers, you could be losing time with each load center installation. Here are some selected time saving features from one manufacturer, Siemens. Their ES Series Load Centers has mounting tabs on the trim back. You can simply hook on the tabs and the trim panel will stay in place. Then you can locate your screws and turn them in. This is without balancing the trim while you are trying to align the first screws.

Load Center Considerations
Most electricians consider load centers as a basic commodity. They may consider their supply house choice more important than the load center brand. So they may choose whatever their favorite distributor has on the shelf. That does not give load center manufacturers much incentive to add new features every year.

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