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Company Name: Siemens Industry, Inc. ;

Siemens Industry, Inc.
Dual Function Circuit Breaker
Combines GFCI and AFCI, protecting against both Arc Faults and Ground Faults.
Power Mod™ with QuickSystem
A new robust and feature-rich line of modular metering products to meet applications for virtually every need.
Lighting Contactors Class LE and LC
Class LE electrically held lighting and heating contactors are used in applications where it is not critical that the contacts remain in the closed position during loss of control power. Class LC lighting contactors deliver unprecedented versatility.
30MM Pilot Device Installation
Innovative technology and design for rapid installation, Siemen's complete range of oil tight Pilot Devices provides a solution that will be aesthetically and functionally impressive.
AFCI Circuit Breakers
An overview of arc fault causes and what the potential dangers are, the types of AFCI breakers Siemens offers, and and the features and benefits of the Intelli-Arc Diagnostic Tool.
Siemens Controls Express
Featuring NEMA, softstarters, pump panels, and lighting contactors.
SIRIUS Soft Starters
Soft starters reduce the mechanical and electrical stress that can occur when electromechanically starting and...

Siemens Industry, Inc.
Available Training
Load Center Considerations
Most electricians consider load centers as a basic commodity. They may consider their supply house choice more important than the load center brand. So they may choose whatever their favorite distributor has on the shelf. That does not give load center manufacturers much incentive to add new features every year.

Specifying Starters for More Efficient Operation
Starters and other motor controls are like the individual building blocks that go into a motor control center (MCC). Individually, they can be pretty basic devices, but their size, energy use, and communications capabilities can have a big impact on overall MCC functionality and even facility operations. So, while controls might seem like commodity items, it makes sense to take a little extra time to determine your project’s priorities before placing an order.

Taking the Heat Out of Motor Control Centers
Motor control centers (MCCs) are an essential element in today’s modern manufacturing environments. Since their origin in the 1930s as a means for ganging the controls for multiple motors into a central location, motor control centers have become significantly more complex, incorporating communications and safety functions, along with basic controls. As a result, MCCs can become space hogs in some manufacturing floors, and the heat generated inside each control module can necessitate expensive cooling arrangements.

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