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NSi Industries Tork Timer

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Company Name: NSi Industries, Inc;

NSi Industries, Inc.
Process Timers for Oil Fields and Agriculture
Tork offers several different options depending on your need: Tork 8000 Series Heavy Duty Mechanical Time Switches, Tork PCT15M Digital Cycle Timer and the Tork EJWT Percentage Timer.
Easy Twist Wire Connectors
See how Easy Twist Wire Connectors can save you thousands of dollars and some painful fingers.
Polaris Blue Connectors vs Resin & Heat Shrink
Polaris™ Blue Connectors are specially designed for direct burial and submersible applications where traditional splicing methods are tough to install and service.
Timers to Reduce Your Electric Water Heater Bill
Tork offers several time switches that can reduce the electric water heater portion of your bill by 5-12%.
ACT Cycle Timer Series
TORK’s ACT Series offers over 900 cycle variations without bothersome jumpers; and 31 different On...

NSi Industries, Inc.
Understanding Your Timer Options
While solid-state electronic timers are becoming both less expensive and increasingly common, traditional single-purpose electromechanical timers still have their place, especially in repetitive industrial and commercial operations that don’t require the absolute accuracy more expensive solid-state models can provide, and where cost is a dictating factor.

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