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Molex M12 Ethernet "360 Degrees of Shielding"

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Company Name: Molex Incorporated;

Molex Incorporated
Molex - Brad® Mini Change® Connectors
Delivering optimum conductivity, Brad® Mini-Change® Connectors from Molex offer the broadest selection of miniature connectors in the industrial market.
Molex - Woodhead® GFCI Products
Woodhead® GFCI products are designed to prevent the occurrences of serious injury or death associated with electrical accidents in construction sites and other rugged industrial settings.
Molex - Woodhead - String Lights
Woodhead® offers the largest variety of string lights constructed for rugged, reliable service for industrial and commercial settings.
Woodhead Hazardous Location Lighting
Woodhead® low-voltage specialty and machine-tool lights are durable, easy-to-handle and capable of continuous operation in demanding environments.
Molex AB Aero-Motive® Balancers
Aero-Motive balancers are streamlined to fit virtually any work space, improve productivity by keeping tools organized and safeguard expensive power tools from possible accidents with superior suspension features.
Brad® Power Products
Global Product Manager, Ted Kyriazes, discusses how Brad® Power Products replace machine hard wiring with modular, quick-connect systems.
Brad® Micro-Change® M12 Circular Hybrid Technology (CHT) Connector
The IP67-sealed M12 Circular Hybrid Technology (CHT) connector, with innovative wrap-around shielding, combines Cat5e data...

Molex Incorporated
Good Crimps - How To Recognize Them
Molex High Current-Density Mega-Fit Power Connectors Fill a Critical Power Gap With a Small Footprint , 2/14/2014
Molex Incorporated
Molex SpeedStack™ Mezzanine Connectors Achieve 40 Gbps Data Rates, 1/30/2014
Molex Incorporated
Molex Unveils New Harsh-Duty SST™ CLXT Modules Designed for Communication and Control with Rockwell ControlLogix XT PLCs, 11/13/2013
Molex Incorporated
Molex Reinforces its Commitment to Worker Safety with the Woodhead® Wide-Area Portable LED Light for Class 1, Division 2 Locations, 11/12/2013
Molex Incorporated
Molex Introduces Rugged Brad® HarshIO M8 Ethernet Modules, 9/24/2013
Molex Incorporated
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