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Cable Reels for the Most Demanding Applications

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Company Name: Molex Incorporated;

Molex Incorporated
Molex - Woodhead® GFCI Products
Woodhead® GFCI products are designed to prevent the occurrences of serious injury or death associated with electrical accidents in construction sites and other rugged industrial settings.
Molex - Brad® Mini Change® Connectors
Delivering optimum conductivity, Brad® Mini-Change® Connectors from Molex offer the broadest selection of miniature connectors in the industrial market.
Molex - Woodhead - String Lights
Woodhead® offers the largest variety of string lights constructed for rugged, reliable service for industrial and commercial settings.
Molex AB Aero-Motive® Balancers
Aero-Motive balancers are streamlined to fit virtually any work space, improve productivity by keeping tools organized and safeguard expensive power tools from possible accidents with superior suspension features.
Woodhead Hazardous Location Lighting
Woodhead® low-voltage specialty and machine-tool lights are durable, easy-to-handle and capable of continuous operation in demanding environments.
Brad® Power Products
Global Product Manager, Ted Kyriazes, discusses how Brad® Power Products replace machine hard wiring with modular, quick-connect systems.
Wide-Area Portable Flood Light for Hazardous Locations
Listed for use in Hazardous Class 1, Division 1 environments where flammable gases, vapors and...

Molex Incorporated
Good Crimps - How To Recognize Them
Minimize Signal Transmission Failures And Costly Downtime With Molex Expanded-Beam Ruggedized Optical Cable Assemblies, 3/18/2014
Molex Incorporated
Molex High Current-Density Mega-Fit Power Connectors Fill a Critical Power Gap With a Small Footprint , 2/14/2014
Molex Incorporated
Molex Unveils New Harsh-Duty SST™ CLXT Modules Designed for Communication and Control with Rockwell ControlLogix XT PLCs, 11/13/2013
Molex Incorporated
Molex Reinforces its Commitment to Worker Safety with the Woodhead® Wide-Area Portable LED Light for Class 1, Division 2 Locations, 11/12/2013
Molex Incorporated
Molex Introduces Rugged Brad® HarshIO M8 Ethernet Modules, 9/24/2013
Molex Incorporated
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