NEMA Revises Standard Test Methods for Riser Cables on Utility Poles


ROSSLYN, Va., May 23, 2016—Today, the National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA) published NEMA TC 19-2017 Nonmetallic Riser U-Type Guards. These products protect riser cables on utility poles. NEMA TC 19 specifies dimensions, sets forth properties, outlines performance requirements and test methods, and assists in selecting and obtaining the proper polyvinyl chloride (PVC) and polyethylene (PE) material.

“NEMA TC 19 establishes the critical properties for riser U-type guards and helps the installer select the proper product for their specific needs,” said Andrew Nause, IPEX Group, Chair of the Polymer Raceway and Accessories Section Technical Committee. “Updating our standard gives the user confidence that the requirements reflect today’s performance needs in the field.”

Revisions include important clarifications made to the low temperature impact test within the standard.

NEMA TC 19-2017 is available for $93 in hard copy or as an electronic download on the NEMA website.


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