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  • IDW Data Helps Contractors Make Fast Work of Estimates

    For electrical contractors, unless an emergency is involved, getting a job generally means providing a cost estimate, first. And, especially if multiple contractors are competing for the same project, the accuracy of that estimate can mean the difference between turning a profit or taking a loss. Obtaining accurate materials pricing – a time-consuming process – is a critical piece in a successful estimate.

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  • IDEA Partners with ElectricSmarts on eCatalog

    The Industry Data Exchange Association, Inc. (IDEA) has developed an electronic catalog partnership with ElectricSmarts to help electrical contractors and equipment manufacturers streamline parts ordering.

    The campaign is designed to better equip the electrical supply chain to use pricing data available in the Industry Data Warehouse (IDW) through Smart eCat, powered by ElectricSmarts, a web-based national list price catalog populated with complete, high-quality product and pricing data directly from the IDW.

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  • Labor-Saving Bonding Connectors

    Many bonding or grounding connectors are specialized. Bonding and grounding are important to safety and the final inspection, even if you bury it. There seems to be a different required part number for every connection.

    An example is bonding raised floor pedestals for a computer room. The pedestals could be square or round, which would normally require different connectors.

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  • Bonding to Structural Steel

    Electrical contractors have been more aware of structural steel bonding requirements since recent code revisions. Bonding was formally called a type of grounding. The requirements for separately derived systems were significantly revised in the 2011 code and most states have since adopted these requirements.

    Now the electrical inspectors are looking more closely at bonding jumpers to structural steel. The code requires listed devices when using pressure connectors for bonding.

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