New DROP IN™ Floor Box Installs Flush and Fast!

Arlington Industries, Inc.
New DROP IN™ Floor Box Installs Flush and Fast!

Arlington’s NEW DROP IN™ FLOOR BOX KITS are the low cost, fastest way to install a perfectly flush
box in an existing floor.

Designed for TIME-SAVINGS and a neat, flush installation, the DROP IN box with steel bracket installs in MINUTES with a SINGLE hole saw!

• Round brass or nickel-plated brass METAL COVERS seat into a matching low profile, .040" thick PLATED steel bracket that sits flush with the floor to prevent trip hazard
• Gasketed flip lids in the cover keep water out and protect the receptacle
• FLB4364MB has brass cover and brass-plated steel bracket
• FLB4364NL has nickel-plated brass cover and nickel-plated steel bracket

Other Products by Arlington Industries, Inc.

  • Steel Floor Box Kits

    Steel Floor Box Kits

    Our UL Listed STEEL FLOOR BOX KITS feature single or two-gang steel boxes with metal covers that deliver easy flush-to-the-floor receptacle installation.

    Gasketed brass or nickel-plated brass covers…
    • Fit our boxes and other manufacturers’ boxes
    • Prevent water intrusion
    • Include flip lids or threaded plugs that protect the box when not in use.

  • Nail-on Flanged Vapor Box for Devices

    Nail-on Flanged Vapor Box for Devices

    Easy to install, Arlington’s nail-on, non-conductive Vapor Box has attached gaskets that prevent air infiltration.

    Saves time! Nails ship captive; gasket material is pre-attached.

    Plus, the built-in gasketed flange has ultra-thin alignment tabs so there’s NO DRYWALL BULGE.

  • IN BOX™ recessed COVER KIT for concrete floor boxes

    IN BOX™ recessed COVER KIT for concrete floor boxes

    Arlington’s recessed IN BOX ™ COVER KITS install into Arlington’s FLBC4500 (and others’) non-metallic concrete box. They look great, and reduce the trip hazard caused by protruding plugs.

    Get power and low voltage in the same box.

    Available with metal flanges in brass or nickel – and plastic in five colors.

  • Flush-to-the-Floor Installation...Cut in Box!

    Flush-to-the-Floor Installation...Cut in Box!

    CUT IN FLOOR BOX KITS deliver a truly flush to the floor receptacle installation in an EXISTING floor.
    Round 4” brass or nickel metal covers complete the job. For the neatest finish, a matching oversized ring hides miscut flooring; a carpet ring covers cut carpet.