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Appleton Grp LLC
Appleton Grp LLC
9377 West Higgins Road
Rosemont, IL 60018

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Appleton Electric
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  • Appleton Grp LLC
    Appleton™Baymaster™ LED Highbay Luminaires Installation Video
    Appleton™Baymaster™ LED Highbay Luminaires Installation Video

    Appleton™ Baymaster™ LED features a patented quick-mount pendant system that makes it faster, safer and more cost-effective than ever to install high bay LEDs in harsh industrial and hazardous locations.

  • Appleton Grp LLC
    Appleton™ Baymaster™ LED
    Appleton™ Baymaster™ LED

    The Baymaster™ LED answers the high bay luminaire need for improved lighting quality with unprecedented innovation and unique-to-industry design.


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Appleton™ Baymaster™ LED High Bay Luminaires

  • NEMA Type 4 Watertight 15 and 20 Amp Plugs When Unmated
    NEMA Type 4 Watertight 15 and 20 Amp Plugs When Unmated

    Equipment and plugs used in hazardous and industrial locations are often left outdoors, being subjected to wet, damp, and corrosive conditions. The Appleton™ U-Line™ Interchanger 15 and 20 Amp Plugs by Emerson™ deliver power to portable and permanent equipment and have a NEMA Type 4 watertight certification rating when unmated.

Press Releases

  • Emerson Identifies Five Industrial LED Lighting Trends to Watch in 2018

    Emerson brand Appleton® gears up for a pivotal year with innovative new LED technology

    ROSEMONT, IL, MARCH 8, 2018 -- Buoyed by LED lighting's superior energy efficiency, long life and enhanced safety, industrial facilities worldwide are steadily embracing this technology as they strive to align energy and maintenance costs with overall business goals.

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  • Appleton Hazardous Locations Guidelines
    Appleton Hazardous Locations Guidelines

    A review of NEC and IEC Hazardous Location classifications and equipment design basics.

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