New DROP IN™ Floor Box Installs Flush and Fast!

Arlington Industries, Inc.
New DROP IN™ Floor Box Installs Flush and Fast!

Arlington’s NEW DROP IN™ FLOOR BOX KITS are the low cost, fastest way to install a perfectly flush
box in an existing floor.

Designed for TIME-SAVINGS and a neat, flush installation, the DROP IN box with steel bracket installs in MINUTES with a SINGLE hole saw!

• Round brass or nickel-plated brass METAL COVERS seat into a matching low profile, .040" thick PLATED steel bracket that sits flush with the floor to prevent trip hazard
• Gasketed flip lids in the cover keep water out and protect the receptacle
• FLB4364MB has brass cover and brass-plated steel bracket
• FLB4364NL has nickel-plated brass cover and nickel-plated steel bracket

Other Products by Arlington Industries, Inc.

  • Versatile Termination for Grounding

    Versatile Termination for Grounding

    Arlington’s GC50 Grounding Electrode Connector offers savings and strain relief for grounding conductors.

    Installs from inside or outside a metal enclosure, through an existing knockout, with no need for modifications.

    Listed for #8 to #2 solid and stranded aluminum and copper conductors, it’s HALF the COST of other listed connectors!

  • Fan/Fixture Pan Box for furring strips, hat channel

    Fan/Fixture Pan Box for furring strips, hat channel

    Arlington’s 14.4 cu. inch fan/fixture pan box mounts securely to a joist in new construction.

    For 1/2", and single or double 5/8" drywall – with furring strips or hat channel…fan bracket installation screws ship captive until ready to use.

    UL/CSA Listed - 2-hour fire rating

  • Steel Floor Box Kits

    Steel Floor Box Kits

    Our UL Listed STEEL FLOOR BOX KITS feature single or two-gang steel boxes with metal covers that deliver easy flush-to-the-floor receptacle installation.

    Gasketed brass or nickel-plated brass covers…
    • Fit our boxes and other manufacturers’ boxes
    • Prevent water intrusion
    • Include flip lids or threaded plugs that protect the box when not in use.

  • Flush-to-the-Floor Installation...Cut in Box!

    Flush-to-the-Floor Installation...Cut in Box!

    CUT IN FLOOR BOX KITS deliver a truly flush to the floor receptacle installation in an EXISTING floor.
    Round 4” brass or nickel metal covers complete the job. For the neatest finish, a matching oversized ring hides miscut flooring; a carpet ring covers cut carpet.