Mersen's Fused Coordination Panelboard

Mersen's Fused Coordination Panelboard
Selective Coordination is required in several locations as defined in the National Electrical Code® (NEC). Mersen’s Fused Coordination Panelboard (MFCP) can simplify the process in achieving code compliance for designers. These panels are provided with a default short circuit current rating (SCCR) of 200kA and provide overcurrent protection through a combination of a circuit breaker and a fuse. The circuit breaker is designed to operate on overloads up to 2 times their rating and the fuse will operate for faults over that value, and up to 200kA.

Mersen’s Fused Coordination Panelboard (MFCP) does not require fuse replacement on common overload conditions and branch circuits can simply be reset. Mersen’s Amp-Trap 2000® class CC and class J fuses ensure minimal fuse let-thru energies and makes it easy to provide system coordination with our easy 2:1 coordination ratios for short circuits. Mersen’s fused selective coordination panelboard is a UL67 listed panelboard that utilizes our commonly available class CC and J fuses.

  • Easy selectivity ratios with upstream fuses
  • Voltage: 120/208, 120/240, 277/480, 347/600
  • Main Bus: 250A or 400A
  • Main Disconnect: MLO, Fused Main or Non-
  • Fused Main
  • SCCR: 200kA
  • Surge Protection (SPD) optional
  • Up to 42 branch circuits per panel
  • Standard 20" wide
  • Feed through lugs optional
  • Surface mount
  • Uses commonly available class CC & J fuses
  • Up to 400A Fused Main Disconnect
  • Allows for panel isolation
  • Lockout provision
  • Visible contacts
  • Interlocked with cover
  • Time Delay
  • 2:1 coordination ratio
  • 600VAC interrupting rating 200kA
  • Circuit breaker opens overloads up to 2 times
  • circuit rating
  • ATDR, AJT fuses open short circuit currents
  • Fuseholder interlocked to prevent opening
  • while energized
  • Circuits up through 100A 1, 2 & 3 pole
  • True Class J and CC protection

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