Kraloy Floor Box Stand

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Kraloy Floor Box Stand
One Kit, Four Heights, One Low Cost!

Kraloy introduces the new Round Floor Box & Stand Kit, an extension to the Kraloy Floor Box product line. This simple yet innovative Round Floor Box Stand is equipped with several height brackets which accommodate the different rebar and posttension cable heights and slab depths found from job-site to job-site. When installed together, the Floor Box and Stand can be used in 5-1/2" to 10" slab depths.

The Round Floor Box easily snaps into the Stand on one of the four convenient height brackets at 2-1/2", 3", 3-1/2" and 4". By raising the Floor Box off the concrete form, the footprint is minimized which reduces the amount of time the contractor spends finishing the concrete surface. In addition, the various Stand heights allow the ENT to enter the Box in a flat and straight path, resulting in less effort by the contractor when pulling in the electrical cable.

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    Sceptalight® LED Nonmetallic Light Fixtures

    Kraloy Fittings has three new Sceptalight LED fixtures:  the LED Retrofit Light Engine, the Heavy-Duty LED Light Fixture and the Utility LED Light Fixture. NEMA 4X and IP66 rated for tough wet, wash-down and corrosive environments, the energy efficient

    Sceptalight LED features:

    • 1000 lumens of light
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  • Easily Mount Devices in your Kraloy JBox™

    Easily Mount Devices in your Kraloy JBox™

    A first for PVC junction boxes, the NEW Kraloy JBox features self tapping, molded standoffs in the base of the box for the mounting of back panels and DIN rails. Available on sizes 6" and larger, the standoffs are strategically placed to center mount DIN rails or install Back Panels.

  • Junction Box Mounting has Never Been Faster!

    Junction Box Mounting has Never Been Faster!

    Designed to work with the NEW Kraloy® JBox™, the Pole Mount Kit makes installing the Kraloy JBox onto utility power poles a snap! Suitable for indoor and outdoor use, the universal kit consists of galvanized steel brackets and stainless steel straps. The brackets are adjustable to fit all Kraloy JBoxes 4" to 12".

  • Kraloy JBox…The Next Generation Junction Box

    Kraloy JBox…The Next Generation Junction Box

    We’ve completely redesigned the original junction box making the NEW Kraloy JBox the easiest box to use – no matter the situation. The Kraloy JBox features an integral gasket, non-metallic fasteners, molded mounting feet, embossed grid-lines and flat cover...all designed to save contractors time and money on the jobsite.