EVERLINE Emergency Drivers

Universal Lighting Technologies, Inc.
EVERLINE Emergency Drivers
With the EVERLINE® family of Emergency Drivers from Universal Lighting Technologies, no additional modules or fixtures are needed to meet emergency lighting requirements. These emergency drivers can be installed inside or on top of a fixture to operate one fixture during a power failure. When normal power fails, the EVERLINE Emergency LED Drivers sense the loss and immediately switch into emergency mode. This means the emergency lighting unit immediately begins supplying supplemental power to support emergency lighting operation for a minimum of 90 minutes. When normal power is restored, the emergency lighting unit returns to the charging mode. With the emergency driver and battery combined in a single unit, this driver can be installed in the field in minutes.

EVERLINE® Emergency LED Drivers allow LED fixtures to serve as code-compliant emergency lighting sources. These easy-to-install drivers are designed for indoor Class 2 use with general linear lighting, low profile architectural, high bay, and downlighting applications.

Additional features include:

  • 90 Minute Illumination Time
  • Integrated NiCad Battery
  • Compatible with EVERLINE LED Drivers and Fixtures
  • Wide Output Voltage Range
  • UL Listed
  • Class 2 Output
  • Listed for Field Installation
  • Meets CEC Title 20 efficiency standards

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