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  • BURNDY® Compression Cable Pull


    BURNDY® Compression Cable Pull

    BURNDY is pleased to introduce, an update to our Cable Pull family of products. This updated installation video will guide you through the process of installing the 1 crimp Cable Pull line of products.

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  • Hubbell Wiring Device-Kellems Tamper-Resistant Receptacle Mechanisms

    Hubbell Wiring Device - Kellems

    Hubbell Wiring Device-Kellems Tamper-Resistant Receptacle Mechanisms

    Refined design and functionality of traditional tamper-resistant plastic shutter mechanisms. This new solution is just as efficient at ensuring child safety, but it also operates invisibly. You won’t know it’s there, and it won’t prevent you from plugging.

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  • Thomas & Betts Rigid Fittings

    Thomas & Betts Corporation

    Thomas & Betts Rigid Fittings

    Thomas & Betts pioneered many industry standard rigid fittings including Chase® nipples and Erickson® couplings.  The innovation continues with BlueKote® conduit bodies and many new features and products for ordinary and hazardous locations.

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  • Calbrite Solutions - Food, Beverage & Dairy

    Calpipe Industries

    Calbrite Solutions - Food, Beverage & Dairy

    Attention has focused on the sanitary practices of food and beverage producers. The potential costs of recalls, liability, fines and long term damage to brands has manifested in intensified washdown practices including greater frequency with higher wash pressures, chemical concentrations and temperatures. The perfect reason to choose Calbrite Stainless Steel Conduit Systems.

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  • HyLite LED Lotus Lamp


    HyLite LED Lotus Lamp

    The HyLite LED Lotus Lamp is designed with versatility in mind to retrofit HID, HPS, and MH Lamps. The 180° Adjustable bracket allows the Lotus to be installed in multiple positions and at different lengths.<br><br>It has an ultra-long rated life of up to 60,000 hours, offers years of reliable performance for the lowest total cost of ownership.<br>

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  • Madison SmartBox Sharktooth Fixture Box

    Madison Electric Products

    Madison SmartBox Sharktooth Fixture Box

    The Madison Electric Products’ SmartBox SharkTooth fixture box is the latest innovation from the Sparks Innovation Center. The SharkTooth is the first of it’s kind fixture box that actually cuts it’s own hole for mounting. The SharkTooth is UL listed and features our patented integrated hole saw and 9/16 lug for easy installation.

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  • BURNDY® Braid Assemblies


    BURNDY® Braid Assemblies

    BURNDY® Braid Assemblies are used when a standard conductor (code cable or even welding cable) is not flexible enough to serve as a ground conductor or in full power applications. Braid assemblies are referred to by many names from shunts and power shunts to grounding jumpers, busbar connections, flexible leads, bonding straps, cable jumpers and flexible gate jumpers.

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  • BURNDY® PAT500SJ-LI Crimping Tool


    BURNDY® PAT500SJ-LI Crimping Tool

    A Pistol-Grip Style 6-Ton 18V Lithium-Ion battery powered crimper with interchangeable cutting jaws available. This tool offers superior balance and advanced ergonomics reducing operator fatigue.

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