EVERLINE® LED Professional Retrofit Kit

Universal Lighting Technologies, Inc.
EVERLINE® LED Professional Retrofit Kit
The EVERLINE® LED Professional Retrofit Kit (PRK) family of pre-mounted and pre-wired LED retrofit kits are fast and easy to install in recessed fluorescent fixture retrofits. The PRK kits are available in multiple lumen and color temperature configurations, all with 80+ CRI.

Not only does the PRK provide the energy efficiency of LED, it’s also a great option to refresh the look of an older fixture. Its low loss frosted acrylic center-basket style diffuser paired with corrosion and scratch resistant white enamel finished steel panels provide end users with the look of a new pan-style fixture. Contractors benefit from the PRK’s ease of installation and labor cost savings of retrofitting instead of replacing an existing unit. In addition, the PRK comes standard with 0-10V dimmable driver and high-efficiency modules.

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    With the EVERLINE® family of Emergency Drivers from Universal, no additional modules or fixtures are needed to meet emergency lighting requirements. These emergency drivers can be installed inside or on top of a fixture to operate one fixture during a power failure. When normal power fails, the EVERLINE Emergency LED Drivers sense the loss and immediately switch into emergency mode.

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