Super-Safeway Portable Power Systems

Molex Incorporated
 Super-Safeway Portable Power Systems
Super-Safeway Portable Power Systems deliver unprecedented durability with Molex power boxes, Woodhead wiring devices and Safeway Cable Protector tools to provide UL-, NEC- and OSHA-recognized portable power delivery systems for indoor/outdoor applications.

Customers need a durable product that can survive significant handling and transportation. The Portable Power system is made with vulcanized rubber, making it several times more durable and tougher than competitive products on the market

Power systems need to be reliable and safe. The Portable Power system is cULuslisted –that is, UL-certified for the US and Canada.

Customers need to simplify their supplier base and minimize their administrative costs. Molex can supply an entire portable power distribution system, making ordering easy and seamless with a single phone call.

Customers’ portable power distribution systems often need several power boxes and demand easy portability. The power box is lightweight, has a handle for carrying and has legs that allow the boxes to be stacked

Power management is necessary when working with many diverse loads. Both models have circuit-breaker identification, and the straight-blade models have color-coded receptacles. This helps users to balance their AC current loads equally between phases, reducing the risks of a power outage.

Other Products by Molex Incorporated

  • GWconnect™ Heavy Duty Connectors For Safe, Secure Connections

    GWconnect™ Heavy Duty Connectors For Safe, Secure Connections

    Molex GWconnect™ Heavy-Duty Connectors (HDC) are crafted with optimum materials to serve any environment. Designed with two locking systems to ensure coupling stability and protection against accidental opening. From direct-current connectors for heavy-duty industrial applications, to multi-pole connectors for signal-circuit connectivity, Molex’s HDC product line includes over 6,000 complimentary products.

  • Brad® MX-PTL™ M12 Cordsets

    Brad® MX-PTL™ M12 Cordsets

    Get increased productivity and cost savings with MX-PTL™ M12 Cordsets. Their quick-and-reliable push-to-lock connections enable faster installation times with an IP68 rating and the same connectivity benefits of threaded M12 connectors. Perfect for factory automation applications when large numbers of sensors and actuators are being installed or updated.

  • Woodhead® Watertite® FD Boxes Offer Rugged and Flexible Service

    Woodhead® Watertite® FD Boxes Offer Rugged and Flexible Service

    Providing up to 30 percent more wiring space than other readily available FD boxes, Woodhead® Watertite® non-metallic FD boxes are rated for harsh conditions and available in one-, two- and three-gang configurations. The water- and dust-tight boxes allow for maximum design flexibility and custom configurations for power distribution in diverse applications.

  • Easy and Secure Connections for Zone 2 Hazardous Locations

    Easy and Secure Connections for Zone 2 Hazardous Locations

    Brad® Ultra-Lock® (M12) EX Connection System, designed for industrial automation in Class I, Division 2 and Zone 2 hazardous areas, achieves non-arcing connections in a simple one-step installation.

    Designed to eliminate connector-related intermittent signals, Ultra-Lock EX connectors feature patented push-to-lock technology for secure operator-independent connections in potentially hazardous environments.