ABB SENTRICITY™ Load Centers and Circuit Breakers

Thomas & Betts Corporation
ABB SENTRICITY™ Load Centers and Circuit Breakers

The SENTRICITY family of products includes load centers and branch devices: Miniature circuit breakers (MCBs), combination arc fault circuit interrupters (AFCIs), ground fault circuit interrupters (GFCIs) and surge protective devices (SPDs). Durable laser printing makes product identification of branch devices easy. The MCBs, AFCIs and GFCIs all use energy-limiting technology, making them the fastest and safest devices of their kind in the residential industry. The MCBs also feature visual trip indicators to facilitate identification of tripped circuits, usually found only in premium-priced units. The AFCIs and GFCIs use LED lights to indicate proper function and self-testing features to ensure continued functionality. AFCI circuit breakers also include diagnostics and signalization that indicate which of three different trip types occurred, to facilitate troubleshooting. The SPDs also feature a visual status indicator.

In addition to providing better circuit protection to the homeowner’s electrical system, SENTRICITY Load Centers are also easier and faster to install with keyhole mounting slots and simple, plug-on neutral AFCIs, GFCIs and SPDs that eliminate pigtails.  

SENTRICITY MCBs, AFCIs and GFCIs feature IP20 finger-safe and fail-safe terminals up to 70 amps, which reduce the chance of inadvertent shock, while helping to ensure that wiring is fed properly into the terminal. MCBs, AFCIs and GFCIs also feature captive terminal screws that prevent the screws from backing or falling out. Backed out terminal screws are also featured with MCBs, AFCIs and GFCIs, as well as neutral bars and ground bars, which eliminate up to 50 percent of the work required to terminate wires. The ground bars on the main lug units are installed at the factory, which further contributes to time saved when installing the equipment.

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