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New! Maestro® Dual-technology Occupancy/Vacancy Sensor Dual-circuit Switch

Now SHIPPING! Maestro® Dual Circuit Occupancy Sensing Switch

Now Shipping! PowPak® Dimming Module with 0-10 V Control

Stairwell Retrofit Solution from Lutron

NEW! Radio Powr Savr™ Wireless Daylight Sensor

  • IDEAL Introduces a new Line of Precision Levels
    IDEAL Introduces a new Line of Precision Levels

    3.5” and 6” levels feature an integral Thumb Winder™ conduit wheel with a contoured screw designed for non-slip grip and stability. Also available in a 9" Torpedo Level. Corrosion resistant brass screw for easy vial replacement. Oversized neodymium rare earth magnets provide the highest magnetic field strength.  Bottom surface features a v-groove.

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