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47 E Industrial Park Dr.
Manchester, NH 03109

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Burndy-US, a Hubbell affiliate
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Part #: GAR1929
2/0-250CU 2 1/2IPS
Part #: YA272N
3/0 CU 2-HOLE LONG 1/2
Part #: YA28LBOX
4/0 CU 1-HOLE SHORT 1/2
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    BURNDY Y10 Stripper/Cutter Series
    BURNDY Y10 Stripper/Cutter Series

    Introducing the Y10 Stripper/Cutter hand tool series, consisting of the Y101300C cable tie and wire cutting tool and the Y101400SC wire stripping and cutting tool for use with soft metal wires; copper and aluminum ranging from #22 AWG - #10 AWG.

    The New PAT444S Dieless Tool
    The New PAT444S Dieless Tool

    The PAT444S is an 11-Ton, C-Head, Dieless tool build to cross over both utility and commercial/industrial applications. Featuring 355° rotatable C-Head for easy access and increased flexibility. The dieless, nest and indenter crimping profile offers a large range taking capability while also eliminating the need to carry multiple die sets to the job site.


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BURNDY Wiley ACC-F490 Wire Management Cable Clip

BURNDY® Festoon Grounding System “Grounding in Motion”

BURNDY® PATRIOT® PAT444S Series of Crimping Tools

  • BURNDY® WILEY ACC-F4F Wire Management Clip
    BURNDY® WILEY ACC-F4F Wire Management Clip

    The ACC-F4F is easy to install and slides 90 degrees on to module frames of various thicknesses. The ACC-F4F accommodates 1 to 4 PV cables up to 8.0mm in diameter. The rolled edges are designed to help protect cable insulation from damage.

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