• Bridgeport Zinc EMT Fittings
    Bridgeport Zinc EMT Fittings

    Learn how these high quality fittings allow for quick installation of conduit, and total lower cost.<br>

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  • Bridgeport - The Flexibility to Connect

    Bridgeport - The Flexibility to Connect

    Learn how these flex connectors save labor and material expense, and make for easier installations.<br>

  • Bridgeport Liquid Tight Fittings

    Bridgeport Liquid Tight Fittings

    See how these high quality connectors make for fast, easy installations and learn about the many applications they are used for.<br>

  • Bridgeport RainTight Fittings

    Bridgeport RainTight Fittings

    Learn how these EMT fittings allow for faster, and easier installation and also offer a wide range of fitting sizes.

  • Bridgeport Signaling Products

    Bridgeport Signaling Products

    Overview of Signaling Products