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Arlington Industries, Inc.


  • Arlington Industries, Inc.
    Arlington Industries Gangable Box
    Arlington Industries Gangable Box

    Arlington’s UL Listed gangable concrete floor boxes give installers the economical, convenient way to add receptacles in new concrete pours in commercial installations. Use the single gang box ‘as shipped’ or lock them together to build a two- or three-gang box. You decide.

  • Arlington Industries, Inc.
    Arlington Countertop Box Kits Square and Round Covers
    Arlington Countertop Box Kits Square and Round Covers

    Arlington's gasketed TRAPDOOR COVERS look great! They close flush with the countertop, preventing water intrusion and damage to the devices in the box.


More Products

Floor Box, Leveling Ring for New Concrete Floors

Easy, push in installation from inside or OUTSIDE electrical box!

New Cover Kit with Leveling Ring for Concrete Floor Boxes

Get a Centered Fan/Fixture Installation on a Cathedral Ceiling

Countertop Box Kits...SECURE attachment, multiple receptacles

Countertop Box Kits... Round plastic box, round metal covers

Gangable Floor Box with PLASTIC covers

Versatile Termination for Grounding

New DROP IN™ Floor Box Installs Flush and Fast!

  • Prevent air-infiltration with Nail-on Vapor Box for devices
    Prevent air-infiltration with Nail-on Vapor Box for devices

    Arlington's UL Listed, non-conductive Vapor Box (FN101F) for devices has pre-attached flange gaskets that prevent air infiltration inside, and help meet International Energy Conservation Codes (IECC).

    Plus, it offers easy nail-on installation in new construction using single 1/2" or 5/8" drywall. Ultra-thin alignment tabs mean there’s NO drywall bulge.

    2-hour Fire Rating.


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  • Arlington Industries, Inc.
    1 Stauffer Industrial Park
    Scranton, PA 18517

Featured Stories

  • Correct Setbacks and Insulate Devices
    Correct Setbacks and Insulate Devices

    Arlington Industries offers a wide range of countertop, floor and wall box kits, with plastic or metal covers in up to five different colors featuring either metal or plastic flip lids and plugs for new or retrofit construction.

    To address the retrofit or remodel market in particular, Arlington also offers an electrical box extender that can be used to correct setbacks and insulate devices with an easy install design, eliminating the need to align device screws with extender holes.

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