It's not just a Nail Plate. It's a Bridgeport Nail Plate.

Bridgeport Fittings, Inc.
It's not just a Nail Plate. It's a Bridgeport Nail Plate.
Bridgeport's 735-SP Nail Plates are now available!

Bridgeport's 735-SP nail plates are US Made in our Stratford, Connecticut facility and are a full 5" long for greater coverage. They meet NEC Article 300.4(A)(1) and (A)(2) and are galvanized for superior corrosion resistance.  They won’t rust on the jobsite or in your van.  Bridgeport's nailplates are great for protecting conductors, cables and raceways.  And they are UL Listed!

Other Products by Bridgeport Fittings, Inc.



    Threadless Split Grounding Bushings

    One bushing for both threadless Rigid/IMC or EMT! Features corrosion resistant zinc alloy construction and stainless steel hardware.  Use to easily upgrade existing industrial, service entrance, communication and solar systems.  Available in 1 inch thru 4 inch trade sizes.  Patented.  cULus Listed

  • Bridgeport's nonmetallic multi-port connectors

    Bridgeport's nonmetallic multi-port connectors

    Cable installation now made easier than ever before.  Contractors simply squeeze the connector’s tabs to install or remove cable.

  • Short on Threads?  Go Long.

    Short on Threads? Go Long.

    With Bridgeport's extra-long raintight connectors, you'll have more than enough thread length to accommodate both a locknut and a grounding bushing on thick walled enclosures.  Available in 1/2", 3/4" and 1" trade sizes.  cULus Listed.  Go long and shorten your installation headaches.

  • AMC-50QI Quick Install Connectors

    AMC-50QI Quick Install Connectors

    Simply snap the connector onto the cable, squeeze the lever and set into the knockout. No tools required!  Easy removal too. Used to connect 14/2 to 10/3 AC/MC/MCI-A and 3/8” FMC.  cETLus Listed.