Ensure safety with the Woodhead ArcArrest 30A Switch-Rated Connector System

Molex Incorporated
Ensure safety with the Woodhead ArcArrest 30A Switch-Rated Connector System
Incorporating many options and components into a smooth, contoured design, the Woodhead ArcArrest 30.0A Switch-Rated Connector System delivers the simplest and fastest way to de-energize industrial machines and equipment while under load and perform lockout/tagout operations.

Woodhead ArcArrest devices are plugs and receptacles that provide the safety and functionality of a switch. Plugs and receptacles listed under UL 2682 can operate as switches and be used to disconnect loads while energized because of silver alloy contact tips.

The user is completely shielded from this energy because the plug maintains a connection with the receptacle during operation. A twisting motion must be applied by the user to remove the plug after the circuit has been interrupted.

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