BURNDY® PATRIOT® IN-LINE ® PATMD-LW Light Weight Series of Tools

BURNDY® PATRIOT® IN-LINE ® PATMD-LW Light Weight Series of Tools

BURNDY® is pleased to introduce the newly redesigned BURNDY® PATRIOT® IN-LINE ®  series of tools to meet the growing market need for a smaller, lighter, and more ergonomic IN-LINE ® tool platform.

The PATMD-LW series weighs just 6.7 lbs. and is only 18.70” in height. This represents a 14% reduction in weight and an 11% overall length reduction compared to the current PATMD series; offering unrivaled ergonomics and comfort. Newly redesigned, robust jaws featuring proprietary locking tabs and a spring release pin, simplify the jaw change out process. An added layer of safety, as the jaws stay retained in the tool when the release pin is activated. The crimp jaws accept standard BURNDY® “W” and “X” style crimping dies.

Features an enhanced safety trigger lock to avoid accidental actuation, perfect balance to reduce strain, preventing fatigue and injury, and now includes an integrated LED light to assist in dimly lit areas.

The PATMD-LW is powered by Makita Li-ion batteries for long-lasting power and will accept multiple Makita battery platforms (2.0Ah through 5.0Ah). It will be offered with a choice of either 3.0Ah or 5.0Ah batteries.

Other Products by BURNDY® LLC

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    Only 6 compression pulling heads for wire ranging from #1 AWG – 1000 kcmil for both Aluminum and Copper wire.  Available in 5 different lanyard lengths to stagger the compression pulling heads to prevent overlay.  Only 1 tool required to crimp the entire line!