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Arlington Industries, Inc.


  • Arlington Industries, Inc.
    Box Extenders
    Box Extenders

    Levels and supports the wiring device where the box is set back from the wall surface.

  • Arlington Industries, Inc.
    Steel Adjustable Bracket with Plastic Box
    Steel Adjustable Bracket with Plastic Box

    Low-cost, economical steel fan/fixture bracket with plastic box delivers super secure, versatile on-center mounting between joists 16" to 24".


More Products

Electrical Boxes for Fence Posts

Arlington Industries FBRS420SC Fan/Fixture Box

Arlington Industries IN-and-OUT™ Cover

Arlington IN-BOX™

A Fan/Fixture Box for Wood I-Joists!

Arlington's Low Cost GARD-N-POST™

One-Box™ Non-Metallic Outlet Box

Arlington’s AnyBODY™ Conduit Body

Arlington’s FBX 900 Fan/Fixture Box

  • Arlington’s New Non-metallic Recessed Electrical Box with Trim Plate (Patents Pending)
    Arlington’s New Non-metallic Recessed Electrical Box with Trim Plate (Patents Pending)

    Allows furniture, such as wall units and entertainment centers, to be placed close to the wall. Plugs for these items stay inside the UL/CSA Listed box, without extending past the wall like they would with a regular box. The TV Box™ accepts most single gang wiring devices.


More Manufacturers

  • Arlington Industries, Inc.
    1 Stauffer Industrial Park
    Scranton, PA 18517

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  • Keeping Wiring Connections Liquidtight
    Keeping Wiring Connections Liquidtight

    Electrical connections are vulnerable places for wiring. The transitions between conduit and equipment boxes need to address whatever risks the surrounding environment presents – including water, oil and corrosive chemicals – to maintain the integrity of internal wiring connections and reduce the possibility of short circuits and other electrical hazards. Liquidtight connectors address these challenges, in materials to suit any application’s needs.

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