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  • Hubbell Wiring Device-Kellems Tamper-Resistant Receptacle Mechanisms

    Hubbell Wiring Device - Kellems

    Hubbell Wiring Device-Kellems Tamper-Resistant Receptacle Mechanisms

    Refined design and functionality of traditional tamper-resistant plastic shutter mechanisms. This new solution is just as efficient at ensuring child safety, but it also operates invisibly. You won’t know it’s there, and it won’t prevent you from plugging.

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  • Thomas & Betts Liquidtight Fittings Product Overview

    Thomas & Betts Corporation

    Thomas & Betts Liquidtight Fittings Product Overview

    T&B offers the largest and most technologically advanced line of liquidtight fittings in the industry, including connectors for highly specialized applications such as power and petrochemical plants, paper mills, robot manufacturers, packaging equipment, machine tool building, and other OEM and MRO applications.

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  • Hoffman Pull Box Extender


    Hoffman Pull Box Extender

    The Pull Box Extender, or “Step-Up”, product is designed to be used in commercial and general industrial applications that previously required a custom sized pull box, or to create additional wiring space for existing pull box installations.

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  • Calconduit - ECN Products

    Calpipe Industries

    Calconduit - ECN Products

    Over the past 25 years, Calconduit has become a leading US manufacturer and supplier of electrical conduit systems. In addition to providing galvanized rigid, EMT, and aluminum products, Calconduit offers a complete line of Elbows, Couplings, and Nipples.

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  • BURNDY® PAT500SJ-LI Crimping Tool


    BURNDY® PAT500SJ-LI Crimping Tool

    A Pistol-Grip Style 6-Ton 18V Lithium-Ion battery powered crimper with interchangeable cutting jaws available. This tool offers superior balance and advanced ergonomics reducing operator fatigue.

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  • Arlington Countertop Box Kits

    Arlington Industries, Inc.

    Arlington Countertop Box Kits

    The stainless steel colored, gasketed TRAPDOOR COVER looks great! It closes flush with the countertop, preventing water intrusion and damage to the devices in the box.

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  • Arlington Low Profile Sconce Box

    Arlington Industries, Inc.

    Arlington Low Profile Sconce Box

    Arlington’s Low Profile Sconce Box offers the time-saving solution to retrofit installations that have shallow wall cavities - or obstructions running behind the wallboard. This 4” diameter non-metallic box installs in an existing 1/2" or 5/8" wall with a 4" hole saw.

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  • RACO: STAB-iT™ with Cable Management

    Raco, Inc. - Hubbell

    RACO: STAB-iT™ with Cable Management

    Hubbell RACO® is very excited and proud to introduce their new line of STAB-iT™ Cable Boxes. This revolutionary new line of boxes are designed specifically to eliminate all the extra components needed for installing armored cable into a 4” square box or switch box on any job where armored cable is being used. These products are UL Listed and patent pending.

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