Short on Threads? Go Long.

Bridgeport Fittings, Inc.
Short on Threads?  Go Long.

With Bridgeport's extra-long raintight connectors, you'll have more than enough thread length to accommodate both a locknut and a grounding bushing on thick walled enclosures.  Available in 1/2", 3/4" and 1" trade sizes.  cULus Listed.  Go long and shorten your installation headaches.

Compression style connector with internal sealing ring and knockout gasket to create a raintight seal when connecting EMT to box or enclosure. Features Extra Long (1") Threads, perfect for use with Solar Combiner boxes that have increased wall thicknesses. Patented

Other Products by Bridgeport Fittings, Inc.

  • New MC-EZ-PAK™ makes connecting AC/MC cable easier than ever

    New MC-EZ-PAK™ makes connecting AC/MC cable easier than ever

    Bridgeport’s ‘Armored Cable Productivity Kit’ has everything a contractor needs to connect and support branch AC and MC Cable.  Each kit contains (25) E-Z Lock™ AMC-50QI Cable Connectors, (25) US-4461 Universal Straps, and (30) 3/4-inch Wafer Head Screws. Products in the MC-EZ-PAK are cULus and cETLus Listed.

  • Mighty-Merge® EMT to FMC Transition Couplings

    Mighty-Merge® EMT to FMC Transition Couplings

    Bridgeport now offers a full line of EMT to FMC Transition Couplings. Available ½” - 2” in Die Cast Zinc and 2 ½” - 4” in Zinc Plated Steel.   These couplings provide dimensional flexibility for a raceway system when dropping in to switchgear and transitioning into transformers.  Patented.  cULus and cETLus Listed.

  • Mighty-Merge® Snap-In/Push-On Transition Coupling

    Mighty-Merge® Snap-In/Push-On Transition Coupling

    Bridgeport’s 280SPMB Transition Couplings save time and money by providing a quick and easy installation. The couplings’ patented design has a quick install snap-in end for AC/MC/MCI-A/FMC cables and a labor saving push-in end for EMT.  Ideal for transitioning fixture whips or continuing a run of MC.  cULus Listed

  • Mighty-Rite® Nonmetallic Split Bushings

    Mighty-Rite® Nonmetallic Split Bushings

    Can be installed before pulling wire or after, eliminating expensive rework. The bushings’ durable snap-on, hinged design adjusts and aligns easier, even in tight spots, requiring no installation tools.

    The bushing’s unique, self-aligning latching mechanism also allows one-hand installation, so the contractor can move onto to the next job faster. cULus Listed.