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Panduit Corp
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Part #: SDCLIP
Replacement bonding clip for use with SD
Part #: SD4EMI
4 Noise Shield Divider Wall
Part #: SD3EMI
3 Noise Shield Divider Wall
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  • Panduit Corp
    Panduit® PanelMax™ Shielded Wiring Duct
    Panduit® PanelMax™ Shielded Wiring Duct

    Applies a metal foil to wiring duct to mitigate the effects of EMI noise in tight control panel environments.


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PANDUIT® PANDUCT® PANELMAX™ Corner Wiring Duct Saves Valuable Space in Control Panels

PANDUCT™ Narrow Slot Hinged Cover Wiring Duct

  • PANDUIT® Flexible Duct
    PANDUIT® Flexible Duct

    A one piece slotted sidewall, open finger design wiring duct intended to route and protect wires installed in control panel applications that require flexibility. Flexible Wiring Duct has offset fingers which extend from the sides and come together at the top of the duct to completely enclose any wire or cable.


  • Panduit Corp
    18900 Panduit Drive
    Tinley Park, IL 60487
  • Universal Lighting Technologies, Inc.
    51 Century Blvd, Suite 230
    Nashville, TN 37214

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  • A Complete Package of Wiring Duct
    A Complete Package of Wiring Duct

    Your customer opens the control box and what does he see? The first impression of your work is your future. Some wiring duct has features to make good first impressions, such as protective film on covers with three point latches.

    An unprofessional look can be caused by mixing brands of wiring duct. For instance solar control panels might need wiring duct rated for 1000 volts and your normal supplier does not have that rating. This can grow into an appearance problem and a major delay.

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