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  • Expand your retrofit opportunities--simplify projects, meet codes easily, and make buildings smarter.

    Wireless solutions offer simple, flexible, and scalable options especially critical in retrofits and lighting upgrades where scalable solutions can start small – a single classroom or office space – and expand over time to enhance capabilities and deliver additional features such as seamlessly converting from a stand-alone control to a centralized lighting system with the addition of wireless hubs and convenient software compatible with any smart device.

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  • How Power Quality Meters Help Facilities Stay Up and Running

    Investigating potential power-quality issues is rarely at the top of a facility manager’s to-do list, but making an effort to understand how the operations of a data center, industrial plant or office building could be affecting both equipment and electricity bills could mean big bottom-line savings.

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  • Retrofit Your Lighting for Energy Savings and More

    I’m a huge fan of LED lighting. One of the main reasons is their longevity, based on the L70 factors. They tend to last a lot longer before reaching that end-of-life lumen decrease called lumen maintenance.

    That means I’ll probably be sipping margaritas on the beach before they need changed.

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  • Ensuring Power Quality Stays High as Power Resources Multiply

    “Distributed energy resources” – abbreviated DERs – is a phrase that’s being used a lot more often these days, as onsite solar panels, wind turbines, fuel cells and battery-based storage have become common power-supply options for larger commercial and industrial facilities.

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  • “Reliability as a Service” Model Gives Consumers New Options for Backup Power

    Generators can represent a significant investment for a homeowner, who might be eyeing the purchase as another form of insurance policy. They might only really need backup power once every couple of years – or even less. For some, the upfront cost and ongoing maintenance expense can still seem a fair trade for the security gained in knowing a home or business can keep running when others’ lights are out. For many others, however, generators can simply be budget busters.

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  • Improved Occupancy Detection

    Occupancy Sensors have come a long way in just the past few years.

    From the simple “lights on / lights off” of motion detection of early systems, new complete systems from the likes of Lithonia Lighting (Acuity Brands) feature a set of new technologically advanced features and controls, all tied together wirelessly or wire-line through integrated control panels.

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