Why Calbrite?

Calpipe Industries
Why Calbrite?
Calbrite offers the largest line of stainless steel conduit, fittings, strut and accessories in the industry. We have a well established customer-centric product development process that enables us to react and respond to customer requirements with the shortest lead times in the industry. Many of our stainless steel products are ARRA compliant and our quality assurance program complies with industry standards established by Underwriters Laboratories (UL), ANSI and NEMA.

  • Corrosion-resistance. Both 304 and 316 stainless steel alloys provide excellent resistance to corrosives, at extreme temperatures and in most industrial environments. When scratched, stainless steels exposed metal "self-heals", oxidizing over the abrasion to protect against further corrosion.

  • Longevity. The durability of a stainless steel conduit system, frequently in excess of 50 years, reduces the need for costly maintenance or replacement needs, providing long-term protection for your facility and optimizing your equipment investment.

  • Lowest total cost of ownership. For many applications, stainless steel has the lowest maintenance cost and the lowest total lifecycle cost of any other UL Listed conduit material. This is due to the durability of stainless steel. It will outlast other materials, require little, if any, maintenance and is easy to install (contractors only need their standard tools.

  • Easy to install. Calbrite stainless steel conduit and fittings do not require installers to use special tools or labor-intensive procedures for installation and stainless is in full NEC compliance for all facilities.

Calbrite Stainless Steel Conduit, Conduit Fittings & Accessories serve these industries:

Chemical & Petrochemical Plants | Water & Wastewater Treatment Facilities | Transportation & Infrastructure | Power Gen Facilities | Pulp & Paper Mills | Food, Dairy & Beverage | Pharmaceutical | Marine & Coastal Facilities | Offshore Platforms | Cooling Towers | Fertilizer Plants | Breweries | Mining

Other Products by Calpipe Industries

  • Make Your Facility a "BRITE" Facility

    Make Your Facility a "BRITE" Facility

    Calbrite proudly offers BriteRail, a new, innovative design in conduit support systems for sanitary and wash-down environments commonly found in food processing and pharmaceutical industries.

  • Calbond PVC Coated - Special Bends

    Calbond PVC Coated - Special Bends

    Calbond provides customers with "special bend" capabilities with lead times between 24 to 72 hours. Standard threading & bending capabilities are available in PVC coated galvanized and aluminum with diameters ranging from 0.5” – 6.0” and radii of 12.0”.  Special large-radii bending capabilities offer custom segment bends.

  • Calbond Form 8 Conduit Bodies Earn NEMA 4X Rating

    Calbond Form 8 Conduit Bodies Earn NEMA 4X Rating

    Calbond Form 8 Conduit Bodies feature sleeved threaded ends, a minimum exterior PVC coating thickness of .040”, minimum interior urethane coating thickness of .002”, and specialized corrosion resistant coating applied to all threads.  All Calbond Form 8 Fittings are NEMA 4X Rated, UL 514B Listed, and meet CSA Standard C22.2 No.18.

  • New Calbond XJG Expansion Joints

    New Calbond XJG Expansion Joints

    Calbond's PVC Coated XJG Expansion Joints are used in long-term conduit runs where horizontal movement may occur due to thermal expansion or contraction. The XJG Expansion Joint provides protection from buckling, allowing for either 4´´ or 8´´ horizontal movement. They feature an internal bonding jumper only, with no external bumper eliminating the need for disassembly.