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  • Klein® 4-in-1 Electronics Screwdrivers

    Klein Tools, Inc.

    Klein® 4-in-1 Electronics Screwdrivers

    Designed for precision work, Klein's electronics screwdrivers feature a swivel cap for optimum control. Made of the highest quality tempered steel, carefully heat-treated for maximum strength, and precision milled to fit screw openings securely. Rotating caps and Klein's exclusive Cushion-Grip handles offer outstanding comfort and control.

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  • Klein® Long-Nose Wire Stripper/Crimper

    Klein Tools, Inc.

    Klein® Long-Nose Wire Stripper/Crimper

    The Klein-Kurve long-nose wire stripper strips 10 to 20 solid and 12 to 22 stranded wires and crimps insulated and non-insulated connectors. The head has been reinforced to prevent flex or overlap when twisting or bending wire. The extra reinforcement keeps stripping holes true to size and improves the durability of the tool.

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  • Thomas & Betts Blackburn® Grounding Product Overview

    Thomas & Betts Corporation

    Thomas & Betts Blackburn® Grounding Product Overview

    Blackburn® is a complete and reliable line of overhead, grounding, mechanical and compression connectors that respond to a broad range of construction needs.

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  • Hoffman Pull Box Extender

    nVent Hoffman

    Hoffman Pull Box Extender

    The Pull Box Extender, or “Step-Up”, product is designed to be used in commercial and general industrial applications that previously required a custom sized pull box, or to create additional wiring space for existing pull box installations.

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  • Klein Illumination Tools

    Klein Tools, Inc.

    Klein Illumination Tools

    Cat. No. 56026: Inspection Penlight with Laser for up-close lighting in dim areas.<br><br>Cat. No. 56028: Flashlight with Worklight Bright, focused flashlight and broadcasting work light in one tool.

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  • Mercmaster™ LED Low Profile Luminaires

    Appleton Grp LLC

    Mercmaster™ LED Low Profile Luminaires

    Hazardous location and ordinary location luminaires designed for lighting industrial environments requiring greater clearance levels along with reduced energy consumption. With an installed profile of only six inches, the luminaires' installed depth is approximately 25 percent less than its nearest competitor and consumes 65 percent less energy than a standard HID.<br>

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  • Ronk Fused Disconnect Double-Throw Switch

    RONK Electrical Industries, Inc.

    Ronk Fused Disconnect Double-Throw Switch

    The Fused Disconnect Double-Throw Switch is specially designed and priced to connect and disconnect a load from a single-phase utility power source and switch to backup power. No longer are you forced to buy a three-phase switch when you have only single-phase power.

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  • Klein American Made

    Klein Tools, Inc.

    Klein American Made

    At Klein Tools, they continue to invest in U.S. manufacturing and are committed to maintaining their place as the favorite among professionals.

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