New Product News


Easy, push in installation from inside or OUTSIDE electrical box!

Listed for single or multiple cables, Arlington’s new White Button™ NM94X non-metallic cable connector offers smooth, easy insertion of one or two cables into a single opening from the INSIDE or outside of the box.

Drive Out Moisture and Prevent Corrosion With CRC 2-26®

CRC 2-26® Multi-Purpose Precision Lubricant, a plastic safe lubricant, penetrant and corrosion inhibitor, helps prevent electrical malfunctions caused by water penetration, humidity, condensation or corrosion.

CS-5000 Circuit Seeker™ Trace and Locate with Confidence

The multi-functional CS-5000 Circuit Seeker provides the electrical contractor with proven technology for both circuit tracing and panel breaker locating. The CS-5000 Circuit Seeker identifies and traces either live or de-energized circuits. It locates faults in a circuit and identifies specific circuit breakers.

POWR-SPEED® High-Speed Fuses

Optimized for performance and efficiency, POWR-SPEED ®  High-Speed (Semiconductor) Fuses are ideal for modern-day sensitive power electronics devices that require superior protection against overcurrent. This family of fuses offers extreme current limiting protection, balanced performance for longevity, and are available in direct bus-bar mount flush-end designs to meet global market needs.

Hubbell’s 50A Twist-Lock® Insulgrip® Conduit Adapters Reduce Labor, Product Costs

Hubbell Wiring-Device Kellems is excited to announce a new solution for conduit-fed power applications: 50A Twist-Lock® Insulgrip® Conduit Adapters. These adapters can accept conduit directly through the back of the plug or connector through a conduit fitting. A box or face plate is not required, reducing material and labor costs.

Hubbell SystemOne Fully Adjustable 4-Inch Floor Box from the Leader in Delivery Systems

Hubbell Wiring-Device Kellems is pleased to introduce the Hubbell SystemOne Fully Adjustable Recessed 4-Inch floor box. Hubbell has solved the challenge of varying floor thicknesses with the integral, patent pending, mounting cup which adjusts the device mounting depth to 3 inches.