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  • Nonmetallic Electrical Enclosures

    I’ve installed (and replaced) a lot of enclosures over the last 30 years. And I’ve probably used just about every type of enclosure, from small metal EMT boxes with knockouts to stainless steel behemoths that needed drilled or punched.

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  • Accessorizing Your Nonmetallic Enclosure

    I don’t know if you watched it, but one of my favorite adult cartoons was “King of the Hill.” Hank, the main character was easy to identify with (although I look more like his father, Cotton).

    Hank sold, as he often mentioned, “Propane and propane accessories.”

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  • Expand your retrofit opportunities--simplify projects, meet codes easily, and make buildings smarter.

    Wireless solutions offer simple, flexible, and scalable options especially critical in retrofits and lighting upgrades where scalable solutions can start small – a single classroom or office space – and expand over time to enhance capabilities and deliver additional features such as seamlessly converting from a stand-alone control to a centralized lighting system with the addition of wireless hubs and convenient software compatible with any smart device.

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  • Retrofit Your Lighting for Energy Savings and More

    I’m a huge fan of LED lighting. One of the main reasons is their longevity, based on the L70 factors. They tend to last a lot longer before reaching that end-of-life lumen decrease called lumen maintenance.

    That means I’ll probably be sipping margaritas on the beach before they need changed.

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  • “Reliability as a Service” Model Gives Consumers New Options for Backup Power

    Generators can represent a significant investment for a homeowner, who might be eyeing the purchase as another form of insurance policy. They might only really need backup power once every couple of years – or even less. For some, the upfront cost and ongoing maintenance expense can still seem a fair trade for the security gained in knowing a home or business can keep running when others’ lights are out. For many others, however, generators can simply be budget busters.

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  • Improved Occupancy Detection

    Occupancy Sensors have come a long way in just the past few years.

    From the simple “lights on / lights off” of motion detection of early systems, new complete systems from the likes of Lithonia Lighting (Acuity Brands) feature a set of new technologically advanced features and controls, all tied together wirelessly or wire-line through integrated control panels.

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