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  • iTOOLco Spool Rack Bearing System


    iTOOLco Spool Rack Bearing System

    Spin multiple heavy spools simultaneously – and with minimal effort – using iTOOLcoʼs Spool Rack Bearing System™. Load all four conductors at once when paralleling or loading spools. The extreme duty bearings deliver an effortless payout, reducing wasted man hours by up to 75%.

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  • 5 Ways to Reduce Arc-Flash Risk

    Littelfuse, Inc.

    5 Ways to Reduce Arc-Flash Risk

    Arc-flash events can destroy equipment and are dangerous and potentially fatal to personnel. Watch this video to learn five ways to reduce arc-flash risk so what matters most, stays safe.

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  • IDEAL SLK™ Disconnect Fuse Kit


    IDEAL SLK™ Disconnect Fuse Kit

    A waterproof breakaway fuseholder for use in roadway and street lighting, parking lot and area lighting, and free-standing electric vehicle charging stations.

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  • IDEAL SureTrace™ Circuit Tracer


    IDEAL SureTrace™ Circuit Tracer

    No circuit tracer has ever been so user friendly. Super-bright models provide a numeric value between 0 and 99 and a variable pitch/tone audible indication. In addition, the peak detector provides instantaneous signal strength feedback.

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  • Ascend™ Smart In-Wall Timer (STW700W) by Intermatic

    Intermatic, Inc.

    Ascend™ Smart In-Wall Timer (STW700W) by Intermatic

    Simplify home lighting automation projects with the new Ascend™ Smart In-Wall Timer by Intermatic. Our new Wi-Fi enabled control offers many of the same benefits of a complex home automation system without all the hassle.

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  • 16 Ways PSR Series High-Speed Fuses Deliver More

    Littelfuse, Inc.

    16 Ways PSR Series High-Speed Fuses Deliver More

    We've added 16 new case sizes to our growing line of PSR series High-Speed Fuses. Discover how this expanded line meets all of your crtitical application needs and provides more protection for your sensitive power semiconductor devices.

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  • Klein® Magnetizer / De-magnetizer

    Klein Tools, Inc.

    Klein® Magnetizer / De-magnetizer

    With Klein's Magnetizer, you can quickly and easily magnetize your screwdrivers and bits to hold your fasteners on the tip of your screwdriver and get the job done fast. This compact tool is great to have on hand when you need a magnetized screwdriver or bit. <br>

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  • Greenlee® Shear 30T

    Greenlee Textron

    Greenlee® Shear 30T

    The Shear 30T was created to provide an effective and efficient solution to cutting strut and threaded rod. Mounted on a mobile work station, the Shear 30T&nbsp; eliminates the slow, costly repercussions of cutting with alternative methods. The Shear 30T is hydraulically powered and uses strong interchangeable dies to produce burrless, precise cuts every time.

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