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  • IDEAL SureTrace™ Circuit Tracer


    IDEAL SureTrace™ Circuit Tracer

    No circuit tracer has ever been so user friendly. Super-bright models provide a numeric value between 0 and 99 and a variable pitch/tone audible indication. In addition, the peak detector provides instantaneous signal strength feedback.

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  • Klein® Long-Nose Wire Stripper/Crimper

    Klein Tools, Inc.

    Klein® Long-Nose Wire Stripper/Crimper

    The Klein-Kurve long-nose wire stripper strips 10 to 20 solid and 12 to 22 stranded wires and crimps insulated and non-insulated connectors. The head has been reinforced to prevent flex or overlap when twisting or bending wire. The extra reinforcement keeps stripping holes true to size and improves the durability of the tool.

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  • BURNDY® YGHHC HYTAP™ Connector Installation Video


    BURNDY® YGHHC HYTAP™ Connector Installation Video

    Irreversible compression ground tap figure “C” connectors. Accommodates all cable combinations from #6 solid through 500 kcmil. “C”- shaped opening permits placing two continuous parallel cables into conductor groove. See how to install a YGHHC on a 4/0 to 4/0 wire connection.

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  • BURNDY® Compression Cable Pull


    BURNDY® Compression Cable Pull

    BURNDY is pleased to introduce, an update to our Cable Pull family of products. This updated installation video will guide you through the process of installing the 1 crimp Cable Pull line of products.

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  • Arlington Industries TV BRIDGE™ III

    Arlington Industries, Inc.

    Arlington Industries TV BRIDGE™ III

    Arlington's new UL Listed TV BRIDGE™ III kits are the easiest, fastest way to install a flat screen TV.<br>&lt;br&gt;&lt;br&gt;<br>Installation is faster because the kits are pre-wired and fully assembled.

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  • Hubbell Wiring Device-Kellems Wiring Advantage™ Series Switch-Rated Pin & Sleeve Devices

    Hubbell Wiring Device - Kellems

    Hubbell Wiring Device-Kellems Wiring Advantage™ Series Switch-Rated Pin & Sleeve Devices

    The Advantage series now includes both a 30A and 60 offering which are the first and only IEC 60309-2 Pin &amp; Sleeve Switch-Rated Devices in the market place.

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  • BURNDY® Disposable Enclosure Locks


    BURNDY® Disposable Enclosure Locks

    Disposable Enclosure LocksDisposable enclosure locks provide quick locking and serve as an alternate solution to using padlocks. Generally, disposable enclosure locks are used to ensure tamper-proof safety and are less expensive. Used where entry is not required on a regular basis.

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  • Klein Levels 2016

    Klein Tools, Inc.

    Klein Levels 2016

    Klein's next generation of levels provides high-precision bodies, ultra- strong magnets and hi-vis color to ensure that your level is always on hand and dependable to get the job done right.

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