Littelfuse Introduces SPD2 Series of Type 2 Surge Protection Device Product Line

Littelfuse, Inc.
Littelfuse Introduces SPD2 Series of Type 2 Surge Protection Device Product Line
The Littelfuse SPD2 series of surge protection devices (SPDs), located at power distribution or branch circuits, protects components from power fluctuations or surges by limiting the fault current to a load or the unit being protected. The SPD2 series is DIN-rail mounted for electrical cabinets and comes in a wide range of operating voltages including DC power for solar applications. The SPD2 features include:

  • Capability to clamp and withstand high-energy transients to prevent disruption, downtime, and degradation or damage to equipment
    o 20 kA nominal discharge current for everyday type fluctuations
    o 50 kA maximum discharge current for the infrequent, large fluctuations such as indirect lightning
  • Thermal protection to eliminate catastrophic failure
  • UL Recognized and IEC-compliant in one part number to reduce inventory and support global usage
  • A compact footprint to increase electrical panel design flexibility
  • An interlocking tab mechanism to withstand vibration
  • An SPD type and voltage-coded plug to prevent the module from being placed in the wrong base, eliminating the risk of improper protection
  • A visual life indicator for quick determination of module replacement status

    The product is ideal for:

  • Power distribution
    o load centers, transformers, generators
  • Electrical loads
    o motors, fans, heaters, blowers, ballasts
  • Industrial controls
    o programmable logic controllers, motor controls, variable-frequency drives, proximity sensors, barcoding equipment, machine vision systems
  • Computers and communications
    o LANs, WANs, intercoms, fire, security, UPS or building management systems
  • HVAC or medical equipment

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